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Look Out For The Story-Tellers

Maybe you've been on the other end of truth-stretching coaches? You know the ones...trying to gain prospective clients and new business with false accolades and titles donning their name, inferior knowledge of the industry, and all while dangling golden carrots of even far more superior possible achievements in front of unknowing and hopeful wanna-be author noses...and all with astronomical price tags to boot.

Learn to Avoid Book Publishing Scams!

Amazon Being Abused

Some authors are now getting shut out of Amazon and no longer able to sell and distribute their books there.

Building A Long-Term Relationship

Get out of the best-seller book mentality and get back into the role of commander of your business ship!

Provide Massive Value

A book is not just to instill wisdom and knowledge on your readers, but a tool to provide massive value and showcase what you (or your business) are good at or specialize in.


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