10 Proven Strategies to Excel, Expand, and Elevate Your Career, and Life


Imagine this…You wake up every morning feeling empowered and energized in your career and life.


You are in an inclusive work environment where you are seen, heard, and valued.
You know how to own and elevate your career while increasing value to your company.

You have the right strategies, tools, and resources to confidently achieve your goals.

This can be your reality as it has been for so many individual professionals and leaders across Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Gilead Sciences, Dell, Microsoft, HP, KPMG, Salesforce, NCR, FedEx, IBM, and Warner Brothers, who have partnered with Alicia D. Reece, global executive coach and business consultant.

In Alicia’s groundbreaking book, Driven to Thrive, she reveals ten proven strategies to excel, expand, and elevate your career and life. Drawing upon twenty years of corporate experience working in Human Resources leadership roles and as a high-performance executive coach and consultant, she advocates for the critical need to use emotional intelligence skills to manage your relationship with yourself and others as the game-changer to winning in work and life.

In these pages, you will learn how to:

  • Harness Your Power
  • Supercharge Your Career
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • Level Up Your Leadership
    Win the Game of Organizational Politics
  • Navigate Career Crossroads
  • Flourish in Transitions
  • Position Yourself to Prosper
  • And Much More!

We all want our work and lives to be purposeful and fulfilling. Sometimes we need a little guidance to make the best decisions, see new possibilities, and navigate the obstacles. Driven to Thrive can be your go-to GPS to success.

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