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The Simple Solution for a New York Publishing Imprint


The Pieces of the Publishing Puzzle

Every book needs these elements before it goes into publication. We give you an easy solution as a part of the Let's Get Your Book Published program.

ISBN Number/Barcode

A unique number for every format of your book produced. We can register you.

Library of Congress

This is your unique identifier for your book—like a social security number.

Publishing Imprint

We are registered as a New York Publisher and will give this imprint to you.


ISBN & Pricing Barcode

Every format you produce requires a unique identifier. Where you buy matters. The number stays with your book til you re-print a new edition. It may also indicate you are self-published or published with an online print on demand company...and that may lack credibility!


Library of Congress

When you register with the Library of Congress to get your book's "control number" you have to list the name of your publishing company. If not done correctly you will look self-published. This number is like the unique social security number of your's birth record so to speak. Make sure to get this right from the beginning!


Publishing Imprint

When you choose a publishing company you will get their publishing imprint. This will generally go on the spine of the book and the title page of the interior. Some publishers may be better aligned with your movement, like green labels, children's books, etc. but it's always really about what you do with your book. You can't generally buy the "Cadillac" in this industry...they buy you. So, if you didn't hit the lottery and get a big name publishing label, don't worry—your in the norm!

The following is needed to get you registered. Additional information will be requested as necessary.


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