We Love Our Clients & We Are Happy They Love Us Too!

We help clients in every industry, but we tend to work with clients that are more the authorpreneur than the novelist. We can help every author with our system, but we really love our clients that really get the real reason for writing a book. Some we have done design work for and others we have coached through the whole process. Nonetheless, here's what they have to say about us...

Authors We've Partnered With

Alicia Reece
Driven to Thrive

Amanda Heal
Seeing by Vision, Not by Sight

Empower Yourself

Anne Garland
Secrets of A Serial Networker

Anne Prinz
Living Your Exclamation Point Life

Autumn Shields
Living Your Life Alive

Barbara Weber
Loving You to the Moon and Back

Barry Wilmeth
Making Others Rich First

Bertha Barraza
The Sense of Belonging

Blue Stiley
The Sum of 4

Brandie Allen
The Power of Self Mastery

Bob Ingram
The Genius Who Saved Baseball

Brenda Sillas
Loosing Your Weight for Good

Brian Harding
Service Industry Success

Catherine Walker
Boosting Your Joy

Chad Elsworth
Building Up Without Tearing Down

Cesar Abeid
Project Management For You

Chris Shockowitz
Silent Invasion

Chris Shockowitz
Colonizing Trappist

Christine Miles
What Is It Costing You Not To Listen

Colleen Hannegan
Girl on Bike

Courtney Gras
Entrepreneur is a Verb

Daniel Edds
Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership

Darren Pierre
The Invitation to Love

Darin Watkins
Change of Glory

Dave Jetson
Setting True Boundaries

David Wallace
The Journey of Our Souls

David Skultety
Ripple Marketing

David Stern
Are You For Real?

Davide di Giorgio
Being Unapologetic

David Weiss
Getting Through the Tangles

Deanna Becket
Cultivating Your Character

Deborah Ellis
Your Money and You

Dlana Bodmer
The Miraculous Journey

Duane Martinz
Becoming Your Own Champion

Donna Beach
Truly Winning in Real Estate

Dylan Stafford
Building A Winning Organization

Eden June
Delving into the Depths

Egan Inoue
Becoming Relentless

Elias Kanaris
Liberating Your Leadership Potential

Elisa Hawkinson
Calming the Chaos

John Dullea & Alvaro Espinosa
Fixing What Already Works

Gabe Krueger
Don't Sh!t In Their Bathroom

Gracie Blogett
Understanding Patients' Sexual Problems

Greg Andersen
Small Business Sales WTF (Without the Fear)

Heather Vines
Love, Sun

Heather Howells
Dream It, See It, Believe It

Dr.'s Glenn & Ina Nozek
Trusting Your Inner Physician

Jackie Wellwood
Lead With Your Integrity

James Donaldson
Celebrating Your Gift of Life

James Johnson
The Goat Driver

James Johnson
Disaster Island

James Johnson
The Puzzled

James Lehman
Maneuvering Your Career

Jason Cutter
Selling with Authentic Persuasion

Jeff Barnes
The Wisdom of Walt

Jeff Caliguire
Habits of Hope

Jeff Caliguire
Transformational Coaching

Jeff Caliguire
The 8 Coaching Habits

Jeff Caliguire
The Thriving Coach

John Smith
Fin Tales

Jason Cutter
Selling With Authentic Persuasion 

James Donaldson
Celebrating Your Gift of Life

Jennifer Witten
Goodbye, Short Bus

Jeremy Davis
Creating Your Work-Optional Lifestyle

Jeremy Wallace
Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood

Jerome Midgette
Understanding the Reason God Made Man

Jessica Goering
Reversing Your Child's Eating Disorder

Jim Jacobs
Driving Lessons for Life

Jim Jacobs
Driving Lessons for Life 2

Jim Nevada
Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership

Joan McManus
Becoming Your Dream

Joanne Holbrook
Your Passport to Parenting

Joe Bourland
The Selected Sermons of Dr. Roger Bourland

Jonathan Boulware
Take Control of Your Body

Jonathan Wong
Succeeding in College and Life

Jonathan Wong
Driving and Making Bank

Jonathan Wong
Tales From Behind the Wheel

Joseph Wright
Traveling in the Right Direction 

Jane Passaglia
The Dozen Deadly Words That Poison Love

Karie Cassell
The Domino Diet

Kathryn Perciful
There Must Be Some Way

Kaleb Makimoto
The Cage of Doom

Karen Degen
Heightening Your Happiness

Karen Emenheiser

Kieran Murry
Go for the Gold

Keith Knell
Adoring God

Kelli Cortes
From Trauma to Wholeness

Ken Polke
Conquering Your Adversities

Kent Mower
The Magical Moments of Christmas

Kelli Cortes
From Trauma to Wholeness 

Laura McKnight
Do Good, Feel Good

Linda Wells
Transforming Your Stress into Business Success

Lisa Teresi Harris
Building Your Enduring Fitness   

Lori Chafin
Messages Straight from the Heart

Lyla Berg
Leaving the Gilded Cage

Lynda Lamp
Walking Through Your Walls

Lynnette Otero
Feeling Joy Again

Lorraine Jordan
Truly Winning in Real Estate

Margot Maddock Murphy
Vitalize Your Workforce

Mariel Maloney
Shifting Into 9th Gear

Mary McMichael
Your Life Shoes

Matthew Dubin
Maximizing Your Injury Claim

Matt Jenkins
Becoming A Great Leader

Melissa Lynn Friess-Bailey
Creating the Best Version of You

Melissa Woods
Getting Past Anxiety

Meredith Herrenbruck
Becoming Ridiculously Awesome

Michael McBride
somatic energetics

Michael O'Brien
Fearing Nothing

Mike McDole
Creating Your Greatest You

Mike Oster
It Starts With Attitude

John Geraci & Christine Miles
The Art of the Nudge

Natalie Kawai
Conversations With Mother Goddess

Patrick Snow
Boy Entrepreneur

Paula Sullivan
Simply Being Happy

Ray Higdon
Vibrational Money Immersion

Tom Piscitelli & John Sedgwick
Proposition Selling

Renee Michelle Gordon
Finding Your Love At Last

Riadh Hamadi
$2 American Dream

Romi Hancock
She Believe She Could & She Did

Rob Bare
Braving Your Adversity

Ron Collier
Profit is An Attitude

Robert Ingram
The Genius Who Saved Baseball

Roxanna Bowgen
Agapantus Rising 

Sanjay Raja
The Food Talk

Shirlene Reeves
Selling Through Your Heart

Shawn Sullivan
Head for Leading, Heart for Loving

Stephanie Walton
Succeeding With Passion

Steve Roberts
Football Financial Planning

Steven Edgley
Life Between Two Gardens

Steve Edgley
Thriving After Your Stroke

Sue Stults
Reaching Beyond the Rail

Susan Ortolano
Remarrying Right

Teddie Malangwasira
Leadership is Not About Race

Teddie Malangwasira
Leading in a Diverse Environment

Teri Graham
Learning to Suffer Well

Tesa Melani
Upgrading Your Future

Thomas John
Your Lifeonomics

Vilas Satry
Drilling for Yes!

Wendy Lee Baldwin
Healing Your Soul in a Chaotic World

Vincent Liberti
Preparing for Your Elder Years

Wayne Mendezona
Maximizing Your Results

Jeff Caliguire

“Nicole is the absolute best! Hands down!  I continually hear instant feedback from people telling me, “I love your book!” And that’s before they’ve even read it! They’ve judged a book by it’s cover and layout and I’m good with it. I attribute that 100% to Nicole and Angel Dog Productions design work!”

— Jeff Caliguire, President of Convergence Point and Author of The Habits of Hope


Jeff Bow

“In business, having an efficient system is instrumental to the success of the company. Nicole has applied this philosophy to book writing. She has researched, developed and refined a systematic approach to book writing that empowers the writer to bring their legacy to life. Her intuitive nature, integrity and natural curiosity is reflected throughout her work in this book helping coaching clients to produce their best work. The publishing industry can be confusing and the concept of book-writing may be overwhelming, but you can trust her to  support you in this process.”

— Jeff Bow, SoulPono.com Author of  Stop Thinking, Start Believing


Susan Ortolano

“I always wanted to write a book and be an author. I wrote one and while it is beautiful I didn’t really know the ins and outs of industry and what I could do with my book. This gem tells it all!  I’m so excited now with new information and definitely feel inspired to write more!  Nicole does some of the most extraordinary graphic design work I have seen. She beautifully designed my book cover, my business card, my book banners and they look fantastic! Her work has exceeded my expectations. She also enhanced my author photo and made me look great and professional. I highly recommend Nicole for your design projects!”

 — Susan Ortolano M.A.,  Conscious Life & Love Coach and Author of Remarrying Right

Teddie Malangwasira

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. When told about you in April, I was a bit skeptical of the work you were going to perform. However, I am very satisfied so far. You have done such an amazing job. I think you are one of the best book designers I have ever worked with. I just thought I would let you know how satisfied I am with your work. Definitely, I will work with you for my future books and work that may need your expertise. If I was to grade your work as a professor, it would be an A+. Overall, very nice work, and I will share the successes I have seen and experienced by working with you.”

— Dr. Teddie Dr. Teddie E. Malangwasira, P.h.D, President and CEO at
Malangwasira Leadership Consulting and Author of Leadership is Not About Race

Terri Graham

“Nicole Gabriel designed the cover and interior of my book Learning to Suffer Well. She dedicated her time to making it an outstanding presentation. She was easy to work with, patient, and timely in her work. One of the best decisions I made in the book writing process was having her as my book designer.”

— Terri Graham, Author of Learning to Suffer Well

Riadh Hamadi

“Nicole hit the ground running after just one meeting and adapted my vision to create a beautiful, inviting and creative cover for my book.  Working with her is a creative, fun and enlightening experience. Her expertise in layout and cover design made it easy for a first time author like myself.  I will be back when the second book is ready!”

— Riadh Hamdi Author of The $2 American Dream

Natalie Kawai

“Nicole Gabriel is a true artist who totally resonates with your book and its content. She gets it and transcribes it in a catchy and very artistic manner that totally respects and serves your book.”

— Natalie Kawai, Author of Conversations With Mother Goddess

Debra Jason

In Let’s Get Your Book Published, Nicole not only guides you to write a better book, she helps you align with your personal and business goals, objectives, passions, and purpose!”

— Debra Jason, speaker, copywriter and author of the award-winning book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget(TM)

Jim Jacobs

“Nicole made my book dreams come alive.  She took the time to understand my dream and then she made it into a reality.  If you want to know more about how to layout and organize your book, Nicole can help you to do exactly that.”  

— Jim R. Jacobs, LCSW Author of Driving Lessons For Life: Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal Growth

Elias Kanaris

“Using a professional for the interior design and layout was the best decision that I made for my own book. The feedback that I received from my readers was nothing less than spectacular—I had no idea you could take what would have been a 100-page book and turn it into a 200-page book and it doesn’t look obvious that the content was stretched. I know this is something that requires a professional and Nicole knows what she’s doing!”

— Elias Kanaris, Founder of the CEO Global Summit Author of Liberating Your Leadership Potential

Wendy Baldwin

“Nicole, you did an amazing job with the inside and outside of my book. You were easy to work with and had great input.. People rave about my cover! Thank you, Nicole for your priceless design!”

— Wendy Lee Baldwin, Author Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World

Bret Dupree

“Getting a book published is one of the most exciting events in your life. It opens amazing doors of opportunity. A book will help you joyously expand your offerings and live the life of your dreams. This book will not just show you how to get your book published, but it will give you some great marketing tools and techniques to launch a successful platform in all you do from this point forward.”

—Brett Dupree, Author of Joyous Expansion: Unleash Your Passions to Live an Inspired Life

Matt Jenkins

“I used Nicole Gabriel and her Angel Dog Productions design services for my book cover and interior layout. She helped my book become a reality. She was professional and easy to work with and my book turned out great!”

— Matt Jenkins, Author of Becoming A Great Leader

James Johnson

"On Friday, I received a shipment of 150 books on a pallet. I took a dozen of them to work and sold all of them. I took another dozen the next day and sold a few more. I just want, again, to pass on to you how impressed my peers are with the look and feel of the book. The cover and interior are a huge hit right off the bat. I know I've said this to you before, but I feel the need to share it again: My peers think the books look great! Professional! I'm proud of the product on every level: Content, quality of edit, quality of design, and quality of print. It's 100% perfect and I am like...floating six inches off the ground. I just can't thank you enough for helping make this something so positive!"

— James Johnson, Author of Disaster Island

If you're ready to become one of our great clients, or simply want to set up a phone call to talk about how we can help you, text, call, or IM Nicole now!