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Do you know people? Do they want to write a book? Earn a nice income as an affiliate and refer them today!


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Do you know people that want to write or publish a book? We offer a nice compensation!

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Basic Structure

  • 20% paid incentive for core program
  • 10% paid incentive for anything else

Once you sign up you will receive a special share link. Make sure to download the PDF (above) to understand the high-level concepts before you begin representing as an affiliate. Call or email Nicole Gabriel today! (808)280.5559

Be a Product of the Product

As they say in the network marketing a product of the product!

You've just created your marketing material by writing your own book. Better yet, earn an income as your business team gains credentials or builds a platform as an author. Everyone wins here and the program is solid and repeatable to boot! Oh this is so much fun to share!

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