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Marketing Samples

Alicia Reece

Driven to Thrive

Amanda Heals

Seeing by Vision, Not by Sight

Amanda Motolla

Learning As A Lifelong Journey

Amira Sabree

Not Love

Ani Anderson

Finding Your Soul's Agenda

Anne Garland

Secrets of A Serial Networker


Empower Yourself

Anne Prinz

Living Your Exclamation Point Life

Autumn Shields

Living Your Life Alive

Barbara Weber

Loving You to the Moon and Back

Barry Wilmeth

Making Others Rich First

Bertha Barraza

The Sense of Belonging

Blue Stiley

The Sum of 4

Brandie Allen

The Power of Self Mastery

Brenda Sillas

Loosing Your Weight for Good

Brian Harding

Service Industry Success

Catherine Walker

Boosting Your Joy

Cesar Abeid

Project Management For You

Chad Elsworth

Building Up Without Tearing Down

Chris Shockowitz

Silent Invasion

Chris Shockowitz

Colonizing Trappist

Christine Miles

What Is It Costing You Not to Listen

Colleen Hannegan

Girl on Bike

Courtney Gras

Entrepreneur is a Verb

Daniel Edds

Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership

Darren Pierre

The Invitation to Love

Darin Watkins

Change of Glory

Dave Jetson

Setting True Boundaries

David Wallace

The Journey of Our Souls

David Skultety

Ripple Marketing

David Stern

Are You For Real?

Davide di Giorgio

Being Unapologetic

David Weiss*

Getting Through the Tangles

Deanna Becket

Cultivating Your Character

Deborah Ellis

Your Money and You

Desiree Fox*

Empowering Your Own Life

Donna Howald

Finding Your Perfect Pitch

Dlana Bodmer

The Miraculous Journey

Duane Martinz

Becoming Your Own Champion

Dylan Stafford

Building A Winning Organization

Eden June

Delving into the Depths

Edna Castillo

Living Your Infinite Genius

Egan Inoue

Becoming Relentless

Elias Kanaris

Liberating Your Leadership Potential

Elisa Hawkinson

Calming the Chaos

Eric Lake

Creating Your Personal Significance

Gabe Krueger

Don't Sh!t In Their Bathroom

Gracie Blogett

Understanding Patients' Sexual Problems

Greg Andersen

Small Business Sales WTF (Without the Fear)

Heather Vines

Love, Sun

Heather DiBlasi

Understanding Addiction and Recovery

Heather Howells

Dream It, See It, Believe It

Dr.'s Glenn & Ina Nozek

Trusting Your Inner Physician

Jackie Wellwood

Lead With Your Integrity

James Donaldson

Celebrating Your Gift of Life

James Johnson

The Goat Driver

James Johnson

Disaster Island

James Johnson

The Puzzled

James Lehman

Maneuvering Your Career

Jane Passaglia

The Dozen Deadly Words That Poison Love

Jason Cutter

Selling With Authentic Persuasion

Jeff Barnes

The Wisdom of Walt

Jeff Caliguire

Habits of Hope

Jeff Caliguire

Transformational Coaching

Jeff Caliguire

The 8 Coaching Habits

Jeff Caliguire

The Thriving Coach

Jennifer Witten

Goodbye, Short Bus

Jennifer Michelle

The Light Bulb Effect

Jeremy Davis

Creating Your Work-Optional Lifestyle

Jeremy Wallace

Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood

Jerome Midgette

Understanding the Reason God Made Man

Jessica Goering

Reversing Your Child's Eating Disorder

Jim Jacobs

Driving Lessons for Life 2

Jim Jacobs

Driving Lessons for Life

Jim Nevada

Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership

Joan McManus

Becoming Your Dream

Joanne Holbrook

Your Passport to Parenting

John Dullea & Alvaro Espinosa*

Fixing What Already Works

John Geraci & Christine Miles

The Art of the Nudge

Joe Bourland

The Selected Sermons of Dr. Roger Bourland

Jonathan Boulware

Take Control of Your Body

John Craig

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way

John Smith

Fin Tales

John Webster

Mastering Your Fate

Jonathan Wong

Succeeding in College and Life

Jonathan Wong

Driving and Making Bank

Jonathan Wong

Tales From Behind the Wheel

Joseph Wright

Traveling in the Right Direction

Kaleb Makimoto

The Cage of Doom

Karen Degen

Heightening Your Happiness

Karen Emenheiser


Karie Cassell

The Domino Diet

Kathryn Perciful

There Must Be Some Way

Keith Knell

Adoring God

Kelli Cortes

From Trauma to Wholeness

Ken Polke

Conquering Your Adversities

Kent Mower

The Magical Moments of Christmas

Kieran Murry

Go for the Gold

Kristin Hackman

Just Breathe, Mama

Laura McKnight

Do Good, Feel Good

Linda Wells

Transforming Your Stress into Business Success

Lisa Teresi Harris

Building Your Enduring Fitness

Lori Chafin

Messages Straight from the Heart

Lorraine Jordan

Freedom to Live Your Best Life

Lorraine Jordan & Donna Beach *

Truly Winning in Real Estate

Lyla Berg

Leaving the Gilded Cage

Lynda Lamp

Walking Through Your Walls

Lynnette Otero

Feeling Joy Again

Marlee Huber

A Life of Resounding Joy

Margot Maddock Murphy

Vitalize Your Workforce

Mariel Maloney

Shifting Into 9th Gear

Mary McMichael*

Your Life Shoes

Matthew Dubin

Maximizing Your Injury Claim

Matt Jenkins

Becoming A Great Leader

Maxine Fredericks

Living Life to the MAX

Melissa Fredericks


Melissa Lynn Friess-Bailey

Creating the Best Version of You

Melissa Woods

Getting Past Anxiety

Meredith Herrenbruck

Becoming Ridiculously Awesome

Michael McBride

somatic energetics

Michael O'Brien

Fearing Nothing

Michael Taylor

Remembering Your Ancestral Fire

Mike McDole

Creating Your Greatest You

Mike Oster

It Starts With Attitude

Natalie Kawai

Conversations With Mother Goddess

Patrick Snow

Boy Entrepreneur

Patti Smith

What Am I To Do Now?

Paula Sullivan

Simply Being Happy

Ray Higdon

Vibrational Money Immersion

Tom Piscitelli & John Sedgwick

Proposition Selling

Renee Michelle Gordon

Finding Your Love At Last

Riadh Hamadi

$2 American Dream

Romi Hancock

She Believe She Could & She Did

Rob Bare

Braving Your Adversity

Robert Henry

Unleashing Your Own Potential

Robert Ingram

The Genius Who Saved Baseball

Roxanna Bowgen

Agapantus Rising

Ron Collier

Profit is An Attitude

Sanjay Raja

The Food Talk

Shaun Sullivan

Head For Leading, Heart For Loving

Shirlene Reeves

Selling Through Your Heart

Stephanie Walton

Succeeding With Passion

Steve Roberts

Football Financial Planning

Steven Edgley

Life Between Two Gardens

Steve Edgley

Thriving After Your Stroke

Sue Stults

Reaching Beyond the Rail

Susan Ortolano

Remarrying Right

Tammy Alvarez

Escaping the Career Trap

Teddie Malangwasira

Leadership is Not About Race

Teddie Malangwasira

Leading in a Diverse Environment

Teri Graham

Learning to Suffer Well

Tesa Melani

Upgrading Your Future

Thomas John

Your Lifeonomics

Vilas Satry

Drilling for Yes!

Vincent Liberti

Preparing for Your Elder Years

Wayne Mendezona

Maximizing Your Results

Wendy Lee Baldwin

Healing Your Soul in a Chaotic World

Nicole's Healing Your Dog Naturally Sample Book...

Here are a few fun interior features Nicole used on her book Healing Your Dog Naturally. She placed fun images throughout the book, placed an index at the back for complex terms and easy navigation, and also used images of her previous books in the back pages for marketing.

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