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Nicole Gabriel's Books

Nicole is the author of multiple books... and the thinker of many more! Like you, she has her mind always geared toward the creation of the next one. Nicole began her journey with an experiential book: Finding Your Inner Truth. This was a book about love, loss, and finding self post divorce and transformational awakening. Her journey carried over into her next book Stepping Into Your Becoming. This book is one Nicole admittedly has a harder time relating to as she believes it to be a bit more channeled... as she sat down one day to write she asked God to come through her and teach her a bit more about how she might consider stepping into her authentic self. And, before she would leave her beloved Hawaii, Nicole would write her next book during a healing journey she believed almost took her life. Her love letter to anyone that might take care of her dogs in her presumed death birthed Healing Your Dog Naturally. Then, when coming through the other side of this journey she wanted to step up in her career and offer a book that spoke to all the repetitive areas in her business and began the foundation of her book coaching program and the blueprint for her online book publishing program. How could someone coach on publishing without writing a book on the topic she thought. Therefore, she wrote her next book: Let's Get Your Book Published. In order of production:

  • Finding Your Inner Truth
  • Stepping Into Your Becoming
  • Healing Your Dog Naturally
  • Let's Get Your Book Published

A Note From Nicole: Of course, as you will learn in the book production process, selling your book can also create some storage issues. Do I fulfill orders or leave that to the distribution networks? I make my books available for sale here on my website and sign and fulfill my own orders when they come in direct. But, honestly, I don't want to be glued to a storage unit to do that! Therefore, I tell my clients that sometimes it's worth the cost of doing business to rely on a distribution network such as Amazon or hiring a global distributor. I have both. So, here is a link to Amazon too! You'll find all my books in all formats here. Be sure to consider an audio book or an eBook too.

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