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One-On-One Coaching

If you have a challenging or special book or other project and you just need a bit more focused time discussing the complications or challenges, please reach out!

Some of the areas of focus where Nicole can help you:

- Book publishing coaching (content, distribution, vendor help, design, marketing, etc.)

- Turning your book into an online training program

- Spiritual or life coaching 

- Practice management

Nicole is also an intuitive business coach. What does that mean exactly? Nicole has spent many years not just practicing and studying business, but also learning many alternative ways to enhance or understand the obstacles that face us in life. She has a very diverse background spanning from corporate executive management into practice management and small business, but also into alternative thinking environments like yoga, shamanism, or energy healing. She was born with the gift of knowing in ways others may not...she can help enhance your business and remove your obstacles.

* priced in one-hour session blocks.


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