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Register Your Book!

If you need to purchase the unique identifiers for your new book, you can add them individually here. Each ISBN Number and the Library of Congress Control Number are priced separately. The information required here is sensitive and, if not supplied correctly, you may be subject to an additional fee for another registration number. 

ISBN Number ($250 each)

You will be registered with Bowkers and you will get a pricing barcode for each format purchased. You might like to begin with an eBook and hard cover format and add the soft cover or audio book later. Please note that when submitting eBooks to distribution networks you might need to buy the ISBN from the distributor. Turn-around time for these codes is immediate.

Library of Congress for your Control Number ($250 each)

When it's time to register with the Library of Congress you will be submitted for your registration number and the turn around times will be 7-10 days.

Publishing imprint

This comes from the Let's Get Your Book Published program or Nicole. You will not need this sent to you if Nicole or Angel Dog Productions is designing your book, as we have a copy already. 

Additional Information

Please be sure to contact us and let us know your book details so we can get you registered. This website is just for the purchase.


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