The Sum of 4

The Secret Equation to Accelerating Achievement


You know that, under the right circumstances, you are capable of going far and doing great things.


You trust and believe in yourself and what you can accomplish and become. You may have a vivid image already in mind of a specific you or a vision of achieving great success. You know you have the confidence to overcome any obstacle and make all your goals and dreams a reality.

What you don’t know is how to become that best version of yourself. What you need to do is learn how to unlock the equation to achieving any result you desire. Fitness trainer and international model, actor, entrepreneur, and mentor Blue Stiley has the solution to that equation, and in The Sum of 4, he will share it with you.

The Sum of 4 takes you on a journey through the four elements you need to master to achieve the sum that will unlock the equation. Those four elements are: mentor, develop, execute, and succeed. Blue will walk you through each element. In the process, he’ll share his personal stories of how he found a mentor, developed a plan, executed it, and succeeded in multiple goals, from dealing with a childhood bully to becoming a fitness and personal development coach and inspiration to thousands.

It’s time to dig deep and push yourself beyond your limits so you can develop and reach your full potential. Let Blue be your mentor on your journey to self-leadership and discovery. In these pages, he provides a success roadmap. When you follow it, you will be on the path to becoming the person you want and were born to be.


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