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Book and business coaching, cover and layout design, eBook, and NY publishing imprint.




Nicole Gabriel, MBA is a book publishing coach, book cover/interior designer, owner of a NY publishing company, podcast host, and dog momma. As an author of several books herself, she has helped many clients successfully publish their own books with her simplified and copyrighted process. 

Nicole has worked in a variety of industries over her lifetime—marketing, advertising (McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam), software and web development, chiropractic ownership, practice management consulting, executive automotive, graphic design, network marketing, professional speaking, and book publishing to name a few of the more conventional. She has been in a variety of roles from project management to executive management.She holds an MBA in Technology Management, Masters Certification in Transpersonal Psychology, a BA in Communications (with focus on Marketing and Journalism), as well as a degree in Graphic Design and Commercial Art. She graduated with honors from her undergraduate program in the top 15% of her class.

Nicole has also been a teacher and practitioner of Kundalini yoga, energy and shamanic healing for many years..


Kundalini Yoga Training

Nicole has taken advanced classes in both. She is a KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan®) and Yoga Alliance 500-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). The classes she has taken in this program are: Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communication, Life Cycles & Lifestyles, and Mind & Meditation. In total this has been five years of training and Nicole will tell you that she has great pride in this accomplishment. She is always seeking the mastery of Self.


Shamanic Training/Experience

Nicole has received training in the shamanic arts from Alberto Villoldo's Four Winds Energy Medicine program, as Michael Harner's program, and has traveled and studied direct with the indigenous Andean Shaman in Peru, Bolivia, and worked more spontaneously with others in Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize.

This more alternative training (as well as her genuine life experience) also gives her the ability to be an intuitive business coach and healer.


Personal Time

If Nicole's not working on a book she can be found with her dogs hiking in the mountains or traveling in her giant 36' "super bus". She has a wealth of diverse knowledge to guide her clients to the most effective solution.


Angel Dog Productions

Nicole is also the owner of Angel Dog Productions, which got its start as a design company, but now is also a New York publishing company. Angel Dog Productions has the ability to get you a New York imprint and get your book registered with the Library of Congress for your control number and with Bowker for your ISBN number. You can find out more on the website or Facebook page.

Nicole believes it's important to make sure your book coach actually has written at least one book (especially a book on how to write a book). You can check out all of her books on Amazon.  

Find Nicole in these professional associations: NFAA and IBPA.

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