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Let's Get Your Book Published

Let's Get Your Book Published

Hosted by: Nicole Gabriel

What's stopping your from fulfilling your dream of becoming an author? Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...


Building the Backend Business for Your Book

Season #4 Episode #134

When authors are writing their book they generally have a strong passion and purpose in their message and it’s not always the case that they are thinking about all the back end business of their book until they’ve...
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5 Smart Steps for Getting Your Business Book Manuscript Done

Season #4 Episode #133

One of the greatest tools for you to professionally highlight yourself is to write a book on a topic you have mastery in. It tends to be the self-employed entrepreneur that uses a book to either pivot into something...
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Our Online Book Publishing Program

Season #4 Episode #132

I’ve often talked about our online book publishing program but I haven’t actually done a podcast to speak on it specifically. If writing a manuscript and publishing a book is a goal or a New Years resolution for 2023,...
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Do I Have Enough Pages for a Manuscript?

Season #4 Episode #131

What is it that takes people over the edge from thinking about writing a book to actually completing one? How do you actually start creating a manuscript for your book?Check out our website, blog, and online book...
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Why is a Book the Single Best Marketing Tool?

Season #4 Episode #130

If you’ve been considering writing a book, and done any amount of research online, you’ve probably seen all kinds of ads claiming that a book is the single greatest marketing secret in the world. But, what exactly...
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Do I Need to Get A Proof Book?

Season #4 Episode #129

What we are seeing happening these days is that the printed proof is being run off without much quality control and authors end up getting imperfect books. If you're thinking about getting a proof book before your...
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Using A Book to Define Your Purpose

Season #4 Episode #128

What do I hear all day long every day? “I don’t know my purpose!” Or “I’ve always thought I should write a book.” And my first response about the book is - “Do it!!!” My first response about the life purpose is that...
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Best Seller Lies!

Season #4 Episode #127

Oh boy there is confusion about what really is a best seller these days! Ever since books started being sold on Amazon it seems there has been a lot of confusion. Let's explore this topic...Check out our website,...
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Don't Be A Copycat!

Season #4 Episode #126

Writing a book in an authentic voice...a book gives you a platform - use it wisely and don't be a copycat! Learn more...Check out our website, blog, and online book publishing program at
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The Untold Story - Using a Book to Leave Your Legacy

Season #4 Episode #125

It was his sweet little piece of property in rural Michigan overlooking a small lake, the stone farmhouse so neatly manicured, his friendly wave, the barnyard animals and grazing sheep (and their little bells). Let me...
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How Do I Sell My Self-Published Book?

Season #4 Episode #124

How to sell a self-published book is the question all new authors have. Many look into services to help them and spend a lifetime and a fortune trying to figure this out. Tune in to today's show to get a little...
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What’s All the Fuss About A Publishing Imprint

Season #4 Episode #123

What is a publishing imprint, why do you need one for a book, and what else do I need to know to make a manuscript into a professional book? And what happens with distribution and Amazon on the back end? What is it...
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