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Let's Get Your Book Published

Let's Get Your Book Published

Hosted by: Nicole Gabriel

What's stopping your from fulfilling your dream of becoming an author? Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...


Are You Looking for Answers?

Season #1 Episode #112

We may be separated by miles, but we are deeply connected in purpose and in spirit. Now imagine that you are awake, you’ve transitioned the sorrow and pain, and now you are in a position to help others…say by writing...
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Designing A Great Book Cover

Season #1 Episode #5

Nicole Gabriel has been a book designer for more than a decade. Find our link to Angel Dog Productions via our sister company at the website. We have far more information to come on...
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Aligning Your Book With Your Business

Season #1 Episode #2

It's not likely you will become a best-selling author and, even if you did, the long-term reach of a book isn't going to take you the life of your career unless it aligns with you and your...
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What Is An Author Platform?

Season #1 Episode #4

The platform is far more than your's your life outside the book!
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eBook or Printed Book

Season #1 Episode #3
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Are You Holding Out For A Publisher?

Season #1 Episode #1

Did you know that you don't have to sign with a publisher to create a quality book? A publisher wants to know you are successful before they sign you. They want to see a book in your hands before they hire you! How do...
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