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Let's Get Your Book Published

Let's Get Your Book Published

Hosted by: Nicole Gabriel

What's stopping your from fulfilling your dream of becoming an author? Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...


Understanding the Publishing Imprint

Season #3 Episode #114

For some, the imprint is like the Gucci or Prada from the big publishing houses but many don’t understand the soul-binding contract they are agreeing to until it's too late! Check out our website, blog, and online...
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Author Interview - Jim Jacobs

Season #3 Episode #113

Let me introduce to you a special guest on today's show: Jim R Jacobs is an author professional speaker, counselor, and coach. He's the author of Driving Lessons for Life: Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal...
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How Do You Form A Business Book Manuscript?

Season #3 Episode #111

Let’s just take it down to basics and get you going on a baseline manuscript that will set a foundation for your business book...Check out our website, blog, and online book publishing program at...
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Are You Asking for the Up Sale When You Write Your Book?

Season #3 Episode #110

The best measure of success is actually measuring success! How many authors even think to identify their own measurables? Is it really important to you to sell copies? Ultimately, the book should be highlighting your...
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Writing A Book For Online Training - Showcasing Your Expertise

Season #3 Episode #109

Generally when an author sits down to write a book they are a subject matter expert in something. Having a dual or multi-purpose book that serves many functions is not hard to do. In fact, it’s smart business.Check...
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Inclusiveness and Division

Season #3 Episode #108

When you know that you are at peace, and someone comes in telling you that you are not, you can see clearly that the “problem” is not you! If you can work past this, you’ve likely reached a kind of plateau in your...
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What is an Intuitive Business Coach?

Season #3 Episode #107

On occasion we have to see clearly where we don’t belong to know where we do. Sometimes we need a little help or have to make tough choices for self love. Perhaps you’ve heard the quote “your new life is going to cost...
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How Has Covid Impacted Your Life?

Season #3 Episode #106

Do you have a story to tell? When you are ready to share your transformational experiences during this unprecedented time in human history please let me know and I’d be happy to help you publish a book!Check out our...
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Touching on the Techie Side of eBooks

Season #3 Episode #105

I know it seems kinda strange in this day and age to think there would be anything complicated about creating an eBook-they've been out awhile. But, there are a few complications with regard to how the files are...
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The Frequency of “Not Enough” & Finding Your Tribe

Season #3 Episode #104

Have you heard that saying “Don’t judge me for the chapter you walked in on”? Boy if I only had a dollar for every time someone told me I wasn’t enough! But, enough of what exactly? How about you? And how does this...
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3 Quick and Easy Strategies to Gauge the Success of Your Book

Season #3 Episode #103

There really are two ways to look at success…one is to attract more readers or relate to reader and the other is to produce a book that is in alignment with what you are doing successfully already. The better approach...
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Leadership Begins With A Book!

Season #3 Episode #102

When you step up to write a book you have now crossed the threshold and stepped into taking ownership of your life and stepping up as a leader! You’re going to have to have some level of comfort in your own skin to...
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