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Let's Get Your Book Published

Let's Get Your Book Published

Hosted by: Nicole Gabriel

What's stopping your from fulfilling your dream of becoming an author? Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...


Working With A Book Designer - Part 2 of 5

Season #2 Episode #72

Welcome to a 5-part series on working with a book designer. We are going to continue the series by talking about:How the Book Cover Sets the ToneThe book cover sets the look and feel of the entire marketing...
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Working With A Book Designer - Part 1 of 5

Season #2 Episode #71

Welcome to a 5-part series on working with a book designer! We are going to start the series by talking about: What Does A Professional Book Designer Do?A Professional Book Designer will always do far more than just a...
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SPECIAL: Author Interview - Jason Cutter

Season #2 Episode #70

Today we have a special author interview. I worked with Jason recently on his book project Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transforming From Order-Taker to Quota Breaker. And I'm happy to have him here today to...
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Navigating Amazon for Your Book

Season #2 Episode #69

Amazon uses algorithms for it’s search results and those searches are based on keywords, number of reviews, number of sales, recent sales activity, click through rates, and more. Let's dive in on how this affects your...
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Content Marketing Strategy for a Powerful Book Platform

Season #2 Episode #68

The strategy of building content is an ongoing process that pairs business objectives with meaningful, relevant, and valuable content for achieving particular goals…ultimately to drive a profitable customer action...
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Brainstorming Book Ideas

Season #2 Episode #67

It’s important that your book and your business line up. You’re going to have a hard time sustaining energy about a topic that doesn’t interest you in six months to a year. You have to build your passion into the...
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Choosing a Niche for Your Book

Season #2 Episode #66

Since there is a lot of competition in the book world—considering writing a book is your business—and book categories (and subcategories) are packed with options… you’ll want to stand out against the rest. The best...
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I Suck At Writing!

Season #2 Episode #65

So you know you need a book for exposure and credibility, but you think you will never get it done unless either a miracle happens or you find someone to write it for you. Sound familiar?Check out our website, blog,...
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Ghosting the Ghostwriter

Season #2 Episode #64

So you think you don’t have time to write but you’ve just gotta get that book done…and you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter to help bring your book over the finish line.Over the years I’ve had many authors...
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Converting Your Book Into An Online Program

Season #2 Episode #63

Quite some time back I knew I wanted to turn my next book into an online training program.  I went to the leader in online training programs to learn how this is done… Amy Porterfield! I learned how to structure the...
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Let’s Talk About eBooks!

Season #2 Episode #62

Every new author has a flurry of questions that surround all things eBook…questions around distribution, ISBN number, how and where to upload a file, and in general, they want to know why it’s so hard to do an ebook...
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Home School Your Kids Into Becoming An Author!

Season #2 Episode #61

Over the years I have had many conversations with many parents about how beneficial they believe it to be that their home schooled kids take the initiative to write and publish a book to boost their college...
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