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022 - I Am Not Good Enough To Write A Book

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

Do you have something to say but worry what people will think of you when you say it? Have you struggled feeling inferior at some point in your life? Have you even struggled with depression because you have a hard time communicating?

Today show will leave me a bit vulnerable as I share how I overcame the obstacles and became an author of multiple books. Hi I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to today show!

It may be hard to believe that someone who has written multiple books and has her own podcast ever struggled with finding her voice. The reality is that my entire life I have struggled to communicate with others and share the gifts that I have been given. I have been given so many gifts and I have struggled so much to find my voice and come into my own.

As a child I was pulled out of classes and targeted as someone with learning disabilities. I was embarrassed each time there was a knock on the door and I was pulled out of the classroom for testing. It would seem to others that I had fallen behind. I just had a hard time understanding what was expected of me. I struggled trying to understand how I was supposed to conform in a public school system and in life. I didn’t know that I was supposed to conform. It was not in my nature to fit in and it never has been. I struggled so much with school that I found it hard to be there. I skipped a lot of classes. I was very athletic and challenged myself physically and appearing inferior amongst my classmates was an embarrassment... so I chose to make myself absent. It was the fear of failure that kept pushing me forward to challenge myself to complete college and to get an MBA and to make a six-figure income before my 30s. It was a gift to have all of the struggle. It pushed me forward into writing my first book and that little voice kept pushing me saying people will think that is all you have to say. That same voice pushed me into the next three books and finally as I approached my fourth book I realized that I know what I’m doing. I realized my calling and I realized my gifts. I accepted that I am not meant to conform. I accepted that most authors are meant to shake things up or stand out. We somehow have a voice that has been unable to escape and finds its way onto the pages. We find our voice.

Writing a book is like having a big coming out party. In some cases it is the first time anyone took the time to hear us. It is a time where everything we have studied and been challenged with and grown from becomes healed.

Writing a book is an extremely emotional process and an opportunity for great healing for both the author and the audience.

When you know you have something to share and some thing to say but the world is so noisy and you don’t know how to share it a book and become your greatest tool to finally give you a voice. For all the quiet entrepreneurs...and there have been many of them...Think of Einstein, Edison, and Tesla and other inventors that sit quietly working through thoughts, concepts, testing ideas...Being told that they will not succeed and having more failures and successes. 

I was led to believe that I needed to be the life of the party and have a strong personality and presence to succeed as an entrepreneur and an author. I forgot about the quiet entrepreneur. 

Writing a book may not make you the next success story and it may not make you popular or famous or earn you a great income, but it will give you a voice and help you tell your truth and showcase your authenticity. It will leave a legacy behind for generations to come.

I’m going to get a little bit “weird” here for some of you but, I have studied so much of the metaphysical and spiritual practices and perhaps you have heard of things like the akashic records or concepts like theta healing or talk about the matrix... i’m going to ask you to humor me a bit here in my thinking… I am just asking you to consider the what if’s.

What if there was a place that holds all of creation… A place where our words and experiences are documented... what if it was our duty to journal or document our human experience for generations to come. There is something so magical about a book and the journey discovered upon opening it. To capture all of our experiences... There was a reason those that came before us left us symbols and signs in carvings and statues. We manage so much in our physical and spiritual and emotional bodies and is it enough to simply have the experience or is it our duty to document and share for the growth of others? I’m posing the what if… What if you took a leap of faith into becoming an author? What if you shared what was uniquely you?

What finally pushed me over into becoming an author was that my experiences were so magical and so worthy of being heard and shared that I could no longer hold them only inside of me. I’m not sure what you are waiting for but I will tell you that the creator would love for you to share. What are you going to do with this one life you have been given?

May your day be blessed and may you consider joining the 2% and becoming an author...

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