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113 - Author Interview Jim Jacobs


Nicole (00:17):
Well happy fall, everybody. One of the best things about doing what I do every day is helping to make dreams come true. I am truly, truly blessed to have something I do every day that some people call a job or work for me. It's a dream come true to do what I do for a living. And today is no exception. As I get to introduce to you a special guest, Jim Jacobs is someone I've been able to assist in getting his voice heard and making his book a reality. And he's helping many people as a result. Let me introduce to you a special guest on today's show. Jim R Jacobs is an author professional speaker, counselor, and coach. He's the author of Driving Lessons for Life: Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal Growth. He writes more of his driving lessons for life in his column as a featured contributor for the internationally syndicated biz catalyst 360 Jim is a certified Daring Way Facilitator presenting the life-changing works of Dr. Brene Brown to individuals,...

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