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SPECIAL: Author Interview - Davide Di Giorgio


Nicole (00:02):

Today we have a special author interview. I worked with Davide back in 2018 on his book Being Unapologetic, empowering you to become an influential speaker and visionary leader. I've invited authors I've worked with over the years to join me in a new series of shows where I will be interviewing them as we talk about what their book is about, how the book has helped them personally or professionally and where they are now. The thing I love about doing these interviews the most is really getting to know my clients and of course sharing them with you because honestly I love them all. I am definitely my client's biggest fan. Davide Di Giorgio is a speaker, international bestselling author of being unapologetic gen Z advocate and the founder and host of unleash your story, a storytelling for the greater good movement, his Ted talk, Overcoming Comparanoia is fueling a mission to empower people, especially young people, do compare last, celebrate more and just...

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