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080 - Podcasting Your Way Into Awesome and Strategic Content


So, I have lots of people asking me regularly how to easily get set up for doing their own podcast. It’s a natural progression to write a book and transition into a more visual role. A podcast is a great way to share your voice. And it’s a funny thing that all things covid have given podcasting such a rise in popularity once again.

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! Welcome!

If you anticipate getting into podcasting as you launch your book then it should be written in a way that makes it easy to leverage its content for shows. It would look much the same if you anticipated using the content for speaking, coaching, teaching, or training. The book sets you up as a subject matter expert in itself, but the next step is aligning it so that it can better serve you. For example, when I wrote my Let’s Get Your Book Published book I took all the repetitive processes I do daily with my clients and married them with the book publishing process and developed the content for...

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041 - Leveraging Your Content

content development May 03, 2020

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

I always like to take themes I’ve experienced throughout the week into these podcasts. This weeks theme is all around identifying the content to leverage it properly for all communication and initiatives.

So, by now you’ve figured out that I’m all about aligning you with the reason you’re writing the book in the first place. You know, I get a lot of people asking is a particular topic would make a good book and well…my first response is always “what do you plan to do with it?” Though its admirable to write a book to help people, the greatest gift you can give to ourself is being uber crystal clear as to why you are writing it to begin with. 

I’ve told you that writing a book is a huge commitment of time and money but honestly, until most authors are all done writing and producing and spent a few months basking in the creation, sales, and marketing of their book they really have no...

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009 - Writing a Purposeful and Aligned Book and Targeting Your Audience


I’ve been asked many times by would-be authors whether or not their content is valuable and something people would want to read.

Now of course, my first thought or response is “would you read it?” My next response is that the content always depends on your motivation. Why do you feel compelled to write on that topic? And, what do you plan to do with after you’ve written it?

If you’re simply wanting to draw out your experiential stories and bind them into a book it might be a bit more like a diary or memoire. If you can relate to your reader or pose “what-if” questions you might better engage them. You can talk in terms of “you” verses “I”. But, when you write to your reader with an intent and provide them value and help give them what they want then you are creating an audience. But, as always, with any book you have to take it beyond the pages and get out from behind it.

Most writers don’t think when...

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