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SPECIAL: Author Interview - Autumn Shields


Today we have a special Author interview. I worked with Autumn back in 2015 and reconnected with her today in a new series of shows where I will be interviewing a few of the authors I’ve worked with over the years…what their book is about, how the book has helped them…what it has done for them, and where they are now.

So let me introduce you to Autumn Shields…



Autumn Shields is a speaker, author, podcaster and entrepreneur. Autumn was a police victim advocate in Colorado. During her career she was able to assist thousands of crime victims. While she was working in this field and helping raise four children, Autumn started to build a business in social marketing with a health and wellness company. Within a few years she was promoted to the top 1% in her company. She now lives a life by design and helps others do the same. 

She published a book called, “Living Your Life Alive” and hosts a podcast called “The Living...

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