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062 - Let’s Talk About eBooks

ebook Aug 08, 2020

So I have been doing a lot of eBooks for clients lately and many clients began this relationship with so many questions. It made since to take some of these questions to a podcast to bring some clarity to the subject. So let’s dive in!

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! I hope you are well!

OK, first question might be: “why do I need an eBook?”

I generally would first respond “why not?” Next I would say that it provides credibility as a professional author. Furthermore, it provides diversity to how your message can be received and delivered. Your message can instantly become global as it’s not restricted by shipping and pricing issues. And, of course, with all things covid…It’s a safe digital file.

Every new author has a flurry of questions that surround all things eBook…questions around distribution, ISBN number, how and where to upload a file, and in general, they want to know why it’s so hard to do an ebook when it...

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