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064 - Ghosting the Ghostwriter

ghostwriting Aug 18, 2020

So you think you don’t have time to write but you’ve just gotta get that book done…and you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter to help bring your book over the finish line.

Hey Guys Nicole Gabriel here!

Over the years I’ve had many authors approach me and tell me they’d love to publish a book  but they are too busy. I recently had a doctor ask me if I had a system and resources so that he could ghostwrite his book because he (and other doctors he knows) are just far too busy. I know, I used to be married to one. I know all about him not having time! I told him that I do have a system and connections, but most people that come to me and want to hire a ghostwriter end up not doing so and well…it’s also very expensive. He looked at me with a rather blank look on his face but never really asked any further questions. So, doc…if you’re listening, this podcast is for you!

Let me start by saying that, first and...

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