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061 - Home School Your Kids Into Becoming An Author!

homeschool Aug 06, 2020

Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

As September approaches, did you know that one of the most trending topics online is that of home schooling? I feel for you parents that are now taking on this giant new role! But, wow! What an opportunity you have for making healthier and happier kids! 

Over the years I have had many conversations with many parents about how beneficial they believe it to be that their home schooled kids take the initiative to write and publish a book to boost their college application process one day. I think it’s a great idea!

One thing home school parents are well aware of is the repetitive nature of the public school system…churning out the same kid one after another. Home school parents are conscious of the critical topics that are never taught…how to change a tire, pay a bill, balance a checkbook,  spirituality, gardening, cooking, or overall teachings on simply how to be a better human. 

Teaching a child how to compose...

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