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138 - Writing a Legacy Book


Today’s Topic: Writing a Legacy Book - Outlasting Web & Tech

There is one thing for sure that tech will never outdo - leave a lasting legacy! All things tech come and go… whether that is a quick instagram post, a social media page, or a website. They all get dated or obsolete at some point. And, I tell you this as someone that has an MBA in Technology Management. I’m not afraid of tech but I also know where the limitations are.

Have you ever gotten into a place where you weren’t sure if you were offering enough, not sure if you were sharing your true message, if you were misunderstood, you tried to make amends of something but maybe weren’t sure you hit the mark, or you wonder if you are even even being heard?

Let’s be honest, when you are a content creator you try to offer what people want to hear and you look at stats and what draws people into your world and when you find that thing they are interested in you create more of it....

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088 - Using A Book to Define Your Calling!


Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

How many times in life do we get to fulfill a desire? How many times do we ever even get asked what fires us up or fulfills a passion? It’s perhaps never been asked to some of us and for others it seems to be a question we may only ask early on as we enter college or later on as we pass through some major life turning point. I can even bet that many of us don’t even know what our passion is.

If you were asked - what do you feel called to do? Or, how do you wish to serve humanity? Would you even be able to answer that? Is the thing that you are doing now for your career the thing you always wished to do or did you just fall into it over time?

I, personally, have asked myself this question many times at several stages of my life. My answer has been numerous things, and at certain crossroads I have also based my answer on where I’m currently sitting. But, what if you could dive deep into your soul to determine and know without a...

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039 - Becoming An Accidental Author

inspiration Apr 30, 2020

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

Most of our listeners come in from the United States, but we have a few in Australia, Germany, France, and the Philippines as well. We’ve watched you come in from Minnesota, Utah, California, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kentucky this week. So let me say hello to you wherever you are! We are thankful you are here and you are enjoying the content. And, please let us know if we can provide any additional information that we haven’t provided…we’d be happy to do a show on that!

Over the last few weeks I have been busy recording the special author interviews that you’ve been listening to. It was a ton of work, but so much fun! I hope you have enjoyed them. I know I have! I’ve got plenty more to come as authors step forward ready to share their book and their story.

Interestingly, as I talked with authors over this time I found a few similarities to what they discussed in our interviews. First, most of...

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031 - Using This Down Time to Birth Your Book

corona virus inspiration Mar 27, 2020

Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

Well… we’ve figured out we are inside a bit longer than a few days. How much journaling have you been doing? How much deep thinking or meditating have you been doing? What have you accomplished in all things self-growth or new business initiatives? If you are any kind of entrepreneur you know this time is a tremendous gift…an opportunity to get ahead!

For me, I’ve made tremendous steps forward in my business in this time. And, I’m truly excited about it! 

But, when it comes to producing a podcast as a regular part of your communication during a worldwide pandemic its almost impossible to know where to start gabbing! You wonder as a content generator if there could possibly be anything meaningful that one could say other than…it’s going to be ok…and having proof that it really will. 

So, if you generate content without heart and compassion you might be viewed as cold and not focused...

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030 - There Is No Greater Time Than Now To Write A Book!

corona virus inspiration Mar 21, 2020

We are all going through a major shift in our human consciousness. We are raw and scared and exhausted and questioning life as we once knew it. We are busy thinking about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our minds are full and we suddenly have found some extra time on our hands. 

If you are like me you have run through every set of emotions and run in circles trying to figure out which direction to go with all that is going on in our world. Personally, I am very empathic and have had a very hard time re-finding my balance listening to the news and after our 5.7 earthquake here in Utah. I wasn’t even sure how to find my thoughts again for my next podcast and was lacking focus on my business. We all have our own story for how we are coping and how we are finding our strength. Our time is being spent differently. Things are all shaken up. How are you using this time?

Maybe you are using this time to re-align with a better future, taking classes, or updating your...

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007 - What Motivates Us to Write?


What Motivates Us to Write?

Good morning! It’s a beautiful sunny winter morning here in the great state of Utah…and I want to talk to you a bit about what motivates us to write…and what we should aim to create as an author.

Before you can get to a functional manuscript you have to have a bit more than just the yearning to tell your story and a few ideas.

You also have to have a bit more than a few vendettas to get even by outing someone and a bunch of wounds you want to bleed out over the pages. Yeah, trust me that grief and anger inspires more authors than you realize. I’ve been doing this awhile and trust me—I’ve been there and I’ve seen it more than enough. What I’ve also seen enough of is an author summarizing a bunch of quotes from their favorite leaders and honestly, this positions an author as a follower no matter what the subject!

Vendettas, wounds, and playing follow the leader aside…these do give us energy...

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