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088 - Using A Book to Define Your Calling!


Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

How many times in life do we get to fulfill a desire? How many times do we ever even get asked what fires us up or fulfills a passion? It’s perhaps never been asked to some of us and for others it seems to be a question we may only ask early on as we enter college or later on as we pass through some major life turning point. I can even bet that many of us don’t even know what our passion is.

If you were asked - what do you feel called to do? Or, how do you wish to serve humanity? Would you even be able to answer that? Is the thing that you are doing now for your career the thing you always wished to do or did you just fall into it over time?

I, personally, have asked myself this question many times at several stages of my life. My answer has been numerous things, and at certain crossroads I have also based my answer on where I’m currently sitting. But, what if you could dive deep into your soul to determine and know without a doubt what your gift is and how you can bring that to the world?

No matter where you are at in your personal or business life, writing a book can further define your goals, objectives, and plans for what you wish to see going forward. What you write about is what you draw into your field no matter where you are currently.

If you are working in a career but it’s not your passion, you can use a book to further define and guide people to your passion. Maybe after work you come home and run a woodworking or jewelry-making business and you are always looking for a way to do that full time. Perhaps you use your book to hit on that topic. Or, what if you just never get a voice in your career, perhaps you have some really solid ideas to enhance a particular area of interest and writing your book creates more exposure getting you either that big raise or your topic shines light where it’s needed.

Let me ask you a few questions to help you define your passions and interests and also to further blow out the content you might consider writing about to better align you…

  • If I were to ask you what is your calling, how would you respond? Could you write down ten or 20 things just off the top of your head?
  • What captivates you?
  • What could you talk about or do for hours and never look at the time?
  • What have you learned from what you have done (or put to rest) in the past?
  • If you asked others what they think about what you enjoy, what would they say?
  • When they respond, what elicits a “hell, yes!” In you?
  • What are your core values that make you you?
  • Is there a need in the world that you can fill? How can you help? Does it align with your “hell, yes!”?
  • Do you have a passion…even if it doesn’t make you an income now?
  • What would you do any day or time even if it offered you no reward?

There are lots of folks out there telling you they can help to identify your personality, passion, gift, and life experience, but really it’s only you that knows. You are the only one that really  knows what lights your soul on fire. Personally, I’ve always envied people that come out of high school and go right into college and come out excelling in that thing they just knew they wanted to do when they were 18. I think to myself, how in the world did you know this would be enough to satisfy you for the entirety of your life? I was never that lucky.

I always wanted to be involved in something creative. I always dreamed of running a little graphic design studio with my dogs at my feet…I even used to dream about the setting. I always saw a rustic floor with a modern look and feel. But, I also always envisioned a place that could serve as many things. I always saw myself laying out some kind of technical manuals or something with print. I saw myself spending hours at my computer screen. But, I also saw the balance in my day. I imagined pushing the desks out of the way and teaching yoga in the evening. Of course I always saw my animals surrounding me. I would serve wonderful healthy and organic farm to table foods and organic coffees and teas. I saw myself re-educating people how to eat and live for health. I would also re-educate people how to live with love and light in their heart…how to live freely without expecting something from another. I have always known a deep love that I have seldom witnessed in other humans. It’s a fascinating, and really rather sad, thing to witness knowing great love but never being able to share in it.

I have always enjoyed having balance in may life. So many live with so much chaos and many traumas and dramas that they cannot see the beauty and simplicity in things. I have had a gift of seeing glimpses of my full desires but seemingly always falling just shy of manifesting them. I do believe this is by design. I believe what we can envision is limited thinking. We can only define what we know. But, if we work to build faith in the power that created us to help define us we will discover how infinite we truly are.

The gift of writing a book is that it has you looking deeper into your purpose. Why are you doing this in the first place? You begin to open up by taking notice of what’s happening in your life, the people you meet, and what you are drawn to. Its truly fascinating how many times the last people you talked to before you complete your book are often mentioned as pivotal on its pages. You begin to take more notice of what feels good, what flows with ease, what feels purposeful, how you express yourself—are you joyful, loving, or otherwise? You think deep about who you were in your childhood and what you were curious about then and now. Often we know what interests us as a child but becoming an adult dilutes that. Me, for example, I always wanted to be in a quiet and creative space, but mom and dad always told me it would amount to nothing so I pursued business. It took me away temporarily from doing what I love, but coming back to what I do now is even that much more meaningful. This is what you keep coming back to…no matter what happens in life, it’s what keeps reoccurring that we must pay attention to. When we try new things we will either be more solid in the thing that keeps reappearing and know better what is right or we will find something new. The inner voice will speak to you. I have also always loved to build and decorate a home, again another creative pursuit. This is truly one of my greatest joys. I often said if there was any other career I wished to pursue it would be building and designing homes. I often dreamed of mixing in calming elements like indoor waterfalls, gardens, or natural and calming sounds and zen-like nurturing and environmentally friendly appointments. This always seemed like something I’d naturally fall into yet never did. I always dreamed my next book would be a documentary of how to build a sustainable home and life. Perhaps one day yet. How about you? Do you have a dream that you have yet to manifest? Can you turn your wildest imagination into a reality, even if just on the pages of a book?

I see a book as an opportunity to truly get to know oneself. You know that you are openly expressing your truth on those pages. Yet, some still do prefer to manipulate the truth for the sake of a good story. But, once it is written it seems to become a defined reality. If what you choose to write stretches the truth then only you will know this and only you will need to live up to it or represent it as long as someone else knows you are an author, an expert, a representative of your subject.

Writing a book will inadvertently cause it’s author to re-evaluate their word. Discovering, and honoring, your truth…your path…your calling may not happen overnight, but there is one thing I can promise you—your book will surely have you looking deep! Be compassionate with yourself along the way. Be patient. This isn’t easy for everyone and, while it may take some focused effort, figuring out what your calling is is not just the highest service you can do for you, but also to everyone you interact with. It’s well worth it. A book will always give you a challenge…you against you! I promise though, stick with it and it will be your greatest reward!

As always guys, wishing you peace, love, and light!

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