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010 - How Do You Register Your Book?


One of the largest questions I had when I thought about writing was not related to content so much, but more the process. I know many authors struggle with the content – both organizing it and defining what is useful or worthy of sharing. But, perhaps you are like me and need to know how the rest of the process looks to know if you can do it.

I’m all about knowledge. I get a bit fogged up when I don’t see the full picture. For some though this might be too much to know… or they just don’t care to know it and just want a book. But for those need-to-know folks like myself I wanted to do a quick podcast to discuss the process of registering a book and how that relates to its distribution.

After all the composing and editing…before you can make a book a book it has to get registered in a few ways. The first is with the unique identifier called an ISBN Number. The second is the with Library of Congress.


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