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SPECIAL: Author Interview - Lyla Berg


Happy Aloha Friday!

Nicole (00:02):

I've invited authors I've worked with over the years to join me in a new series of shows where I will be interviewing them as we talk about what their book is about, how the book has helped them personally or professionally and where they are now. The thing I love about doing these interviews the most is really getting to know my clients and of course sharing them with you because honestly I love them all. I am definitely my client's biggest fan. Today's guest is a dynamo. Let me introduce you.


Nicole (00:56):

Dr Lyla Berg is an author, professional speaker, resiliency facilitator and career educator. She is the owner and principal consultant with Lyla Berg and Associates. Her international company focuses on assisting organizations and individuals to successfully achieve their goals through creative leadership strategies, effective collaboration skills, clear communication, and the spirit of Aloha.


Nicole (01:28):

Lyla was a...

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