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101 - Leadership Begins With A Book!


Do You Have the Courage to Step Up?

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! I’m the host of the Let’s Get Your Book Published podcast. I’m also the author multiple books, a Book Designer, and a Publishing Coach as well as an intuitive Business Coach.

I’ve been in the book business for awhile now and I’ve helped many clients get their book published. On this podcast I share personal stories, client stories, and the truths about the publishing industry. Let’s get into today’s show…

Leadership Begins With A Book! Do You Have the Courage to Step Up?


So many are going through massive shifts of awareness and transformation! If you are currently watching this happen to family and friends and you are in awe of either their level of blindness or their level of flexibility and awareness then you are probably someone that has already gone through massive shifts of awareness at some point in your life. You are probably a...

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094 - Are You A Leader or Are You Following the Crowd?

leader Apr 04, 2021

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! Happy April! I was sitting here on Easter Sunday and just enjoying the sunshine and a wonderful macadamia nut cashew nut milk mocha latte (seriously ,that’s a mouth full!) and decided now was a good time for a podcast. I was thinking about leaders verses followers and how those little plateaus in life are a great time to reflect and that means it’s also a great time to write!

I found this quote the other day that I wanted to share…I’m not sure who the author is, but I think this quote is fitting for the times we are in now.

“When you follow the crowd you loose yourself, but when you follow your spirit you will loose the crowd. Eventually your spirit tribe will appear, but do not fear the process of solitude. Embrace and trust the process.”

Does this sound a bit like you at the moment? I know it does me. There is such a massive shift happening on the planet right now. I’ve been telling people for a...

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