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061 - Home School Your Kids Into Becoming An Author!

homeschool Aug 06, 2020

Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

As September approaches, did you know that one of the most trending topics online is that of home schooling? I feel for you parents that are now taking on this giant new role! But, wow! What an opportunity you have for making healthier and happier kids! 

Over the years I have had many conversations with many parents about how beneficial they believe it to be that their home schooled kids take the initiative to write and publish a book to boost their college application process one day. I think it’s a great idea!

One thing home school parents are well aware of is the repetitive nature of the public school system…churning out the same kid one after another. Home school parents are conscious of the critical topics that are never taught…how to change a tire, pay a bill, balance a checkbook,  spirituality, gardening, cooking, or overall teachings on simply how to be a better human. 

Teaching a child how to compose their thoughts either creatively, in order to make an impact, or push forth an initiative or change will, of course, empower their individuality. But, it will also showcase their where-with-all to remain steadfast on a goal…the completion of a book. 

I’ve had several young authors write and publish their books in the many years I have been in this business and what an incredible achievement! And many of these young forward creative thinkers have used their book as a part of the college application process to showcase their talent. 

As our education system is changing I find this to be a great time to allow our youth the ability to expand into a greater awareness and truly give them an exponential opportunity for growth well beyond the old institutional and archaic educational system and into a new multi-dimensional paradigm. We keep producing the same child over and over in our educational systems. They have been numbed into a repetitive and monotonous cycle that is lacking the wherewithal to create exceptional kids. 

In a home school environment, each child has the ability to blossom based on their own individual ability. As they begin to know their likes and dis-likes and learn who they are and why they came here they can begin to develop passions that can most definitely be enhanced with the tedious and focused nature of writing and publishing a book. 

Here are some ideas to get your home-schooler started on writing their book:

  1. Choose a topic they are passionate about. (Note: try to find a broad subject that can be paired down and might be deemed useful as they approach college age.)
  2. Have them define 15 reasons why this topic is important and how it can be applied in today’s world. (These 15 topics will later be chapter headings.)
  3. Now, ask them to define the pro’s and con’s of these 15 topics. Perhaps they can identify the “ah-ha” or “wow” that drew in their interest in their subject to begin with.
  4. Draw up an introduction and conclusion paragraph to make their passion relatable. Perhaps ask them “how do you see this changing the world or making it a better place?”
  5. Help they identify practical uses for this passion and perhaps find related associations they can begin getting involved with to enhance their knowledge and begin building out a platform from their interest. Can they later teach or speak on this subject? 

Even if this passion changes later they have learned how to build out the basic structure for their next passion. Imagine they write a short story that is published every year and at a certain point they would have developed a little series of books…perhaps one a year as a final project. Image how many wonderful things you will both learn and the practice and applicable nature of such a project for many years to come.

Some food for thought for all you hardworking parents. 

I most certainly feel for you in these uncertain times. But, I do believe you are raising the most wonderful little light beings that will one day be the leaders of a kinder and more beautiful world. They are our future!

A short podcast today, I hope you have found it an inspiring topic for further discussion and I’d love to work with you and your kiddo to help bring additional clarity to the book publishing process.

As always, wishing you peace, love, and light!

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