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145 - Why Every Coach Should Write A Book


Today’s Topic: Why Every Coach Should Write A Book: Establishing Your Authority and Defining Your Center of Expertise

We are going to talk about why a coach should write a book, but before we do let’s talk about why you haven’t. Most people haven’t written a book because of fear… because, let’s be honest… if you want to do something bad enough, your going to find a way to do it.

But, maybe you just don’t know how a book would serve you. I mean, a lot of people think of it like a vanity project. Writing a book has become a bit more common these days than it used to be, but there is still a certain amount of stature a book holds in many circles.

But, putting ego aside, a book is actually not just one of the best things you can do for marketing yourself and your business, but it can also serve as a great platform for setting yourself up as an expert in your field.

Where I personally find a book to be the most useful is when it comes to repurposing content. Once you’ve told someone you’re an expert in something, now you have to show them.

A book also puts another tool in your tool belt. Rather than digging through all your files to find that one piece your wrote or that presentation you gave, you can simply open your book and point to a location that covers a particular topic.

Now… Imagine you’re at a conference or networking group, and you meet two coaches that both specialize in something you need help with. Both have excellent ideas and strategies for how they can help you. But, one hands you a copy of her latest book. It’s a beautifully bound, professionally printed, and a substantial book that oozes with confidence. Who are you going to choose? There’s really nothing better when it comes to establishing authority in any niche than to have a book with your name on it.

But, a book also not just holds you to the commitments and ideas your presenting in it, but it also identifies why anyone should hire you for your other services. Let me tell you about a gal that I was tempted to hire for coaching but didn’t and why…

Lost Business - An Example...
Have you ever had someone you look up to (watch on social) and you finally engage with them to see if they can help you with something your working on and been disappointed in their lack of delivery or professionalism outside of their social media presence?

I was looking for a solution for one little piece of the puzzle when I was building out my Let’s Get Your Book Published program and quite honestly, I can’t even remember what it was specifically that had me stuck, but it had something to do with how I get the interface of my program together. Regardless, it was this gal that I identified as someone that might be able to get me to my end result or help me find a solution. She was offering something online on social media and it registered with me as my solution. I contacted her to talk about her offer but her offer gave me a bunch of things that I didn’t need. I thought it would cost me about $500 of her time to get my answer, but rather, she wanted to charge me $5,000 for a 6-7 week long course to do all the things I didn’t need just to get my answer. I asked if we could just do a quick call to have her coach me through just the piece I needed. She said no. She wanted me to commit to her $5K program. So, I proceeded to ask her if she could send me something about the program. She asked what I needed. I told her it was only the one thing, but she was trying to convince me I needed more. I kept running in circles with her. What is the more? Can you explain to me what I will get. She just kept running me around saying I will get the thing I want and a whole program around it. But, what is the program I asked. She didn’t have anything in writing and nothing drawn up to explain her offer. She had nothing to show me she was an expert in this thing and the more questions I asked the more confused I got about what she was even selling. In fact, I thought to myself, oh my God! This woman is all over social media and she looks so professional but there is nothing more than image! I wondered how she was so successful or even if she was. I couldn’t fathom all that presentation and nothing on the backend to showcase her offer. Interestingly, this person is someone that hired me to help her with her book project years ago, but still has not even started her book manuscript. If someone like this can sell an idea, imagine what she could sell with a book defining her offering!

For someone like this, a book could showcase her offer, some case histories or previous challenges she provided solutions for, it could provide the backbone for a training program, and for all practical purposes… it would help her prove she can do what she was trying to sell.

As you would imagine, I decided not to hire her. I see this often with coaches. I can’t say it makes them bad coaches, but if they aren’t clear on their offer, they can’t knock out their platform in a book, then prospects will loose faith in them. A charming personality really only goes so far. You’ve got to be able to back up what you are doing for people as a coach. You can’t be a high-dollar coach without something defined. From what I gathered for this gal, she goes around the country and takes classes with others then puts packages together to offer others based on what she learned. She puts her own flare on the offer so you don’t know it’s not hers, but she’s basically re-packaging someone else’s offer. I hate to say it, but she’s really a counterfeit. And, the irony is that she is a Christian business coach. It’s fine to be a Christian business coach but if you are trying to sell a high-ticket items, you better do the time to create your own program. A book is the perfect tool to identify all of this.

Sometimes I get asked - Nicole, why should anyone write a book? Let me give you some reasons…

5 Reasons A Coach Benefits From Writing A Book:

  1. Shows your due-diligence. It sets you apart from the rest by letting others know you have done the hard work and you know what you are talking about. It shows clients that you are conscientious and industrious.
  2. Showcases Your Passion. Define your passion with a book! A person really only can produce a book about something they are passionate about. It takes a good 50K words to fill the pages, so you’re telling the world why you love the thing you do for a hobby or a living.
  3. Locks in Your Purpose. It clarifies your purpose, not just for your audience, but for you! It makes you really think about how you can step up and do what you do passionately. In many ways it becomes like the holy grail of your life purpose, your character, and motivation. It will hold you accountable! You said, now you have to do!
  4. Define Your Center of Expertise. How do I define my center of expertise? Your topic! The title of your book says “Here’s what I’m showing up to represent!” Then you back it up with smart case histories and experiences that led you on the path to self discovery and expertise.
  5. Re-Usable Content. Wait a minute…I can re-produce content? Now this is my favorite part! If you want to do a podcast, a webinar, or show up in any other place you don’t have to spin your wheels to reinvest your content. The book will have you churning out the content and doing the hard work. A few months writing can be a lifetime investment in re-usable content. And… here we go with AI… you can’t hit delete! A book is forever!

    NOTE: The trick is to write the book for credibility but get out from behind it for exposure.


A biz card usually gets tossed in a drawer but if someone handed you a book, you may not even read it, but you’re likely to be impressed at a minimum, but you’re always going to remember who you ran into and the authority they are on their subject. But, I bet you’ll contact them later if you need guidance on their subject! They will have likely made an impact on you by handing you a well-done book.

A book helps you establish your authority, gives you a platform, allows you to showcase your expertise and experience, and also gives you a captive audience. When people are really listening to you - you are in a powerful position and honestly, that’s the point where you really get to show off! The book is a way to brag as a subject matter or industry expert but how you do that doesn’t have to be in your face. You’ve done the hard work so let it speak for itself.


5 Tips for Getting Started

  1. I have a coaching program to get you started… and to walk you hand in hand every step of the way. But, I want to also pull you away from everything you’ve heard so far about a book and give you a realistic and practical approach to getting your book published.
  2. Let go of what you believe the publishing industry can do for you and write the book to serve YOU! (Don’t worry about sales.)
  3. Gives you a neatly packaged tool belt. What could you leverage or reference daily in your work? This should be there! Where do you want to make change? Write the plan and talk about it! Do you have a team to train? Write the course!
  4. What are you an expert of? Start knocking this out. Use the book to solidify the details. Tell people you mean business and you know your industry or topic.The best book is not one that is all about you, but one that can provide value. Where can you serve or provide value? Start making a list of what value you can provide to your audience.
  5. DOWNLOAD: Go to my website and download 2 files:


Where to Start?

  • Begin an outline
  • 15 topics with 3,000 words is a book!
  • Topics should stand alone
  • What can you speak, coach, teach, or train on?
  • Strong enough to be a webinar or podcast?
  • How about keywords - how you’re found online.
  • Create one Word file to begin - nothing fancy.

I have the system and all the contacts to get you started. Most of my pricing is over on my website. My coaching services are not defined there however. We can talk about this if you want to reach out and give me a call. I offer a multi-book discount if you’re planning to write a few books. I also have an affiliate referral program if you send referrals. So, I do offer you some ways to re-pay your investment. I can walk you through timing and expenses on a complimentary coaching call when you’re ready. Give me a call at 808.280.5559 and I’m happy to guide you.

As we bring this episode to a close, this world is changing. It can be hard to hold on at times. A book is a really great time out and a way to cocoon yourself for a little window. If you need a break from the worlds chaos, step away for a few months and come out on the wings of a book the other side!

For now, and as always, I wish you peace, love, and light.

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