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023 - Overcoming obstacles and stepping into your own as an author

overcoming obstacles Mar 01, 2020

I’ve been helping new authors to self publish their books for the last decade. Over this time I’ve watched many books go into production. And one of the largest themes authors write about across the board is the journey of self-discovery. After all, it’s human nature to discuss what we’ve overcome. We have an inherent need to share our pains and struggles. Perhaps we are looking for approval, perhaps it’s necessary for the human spirit to heal, maybe it’s to find those like-minded wounded or healed souls to gain a compassionate ear, or maybe we have now learned something we wish to share to help others?

Everyone’s motivation is just slightly different and the outcomes are as unique as the stories told. We are all learning and growing in our human experience and writing gives us the opportunity to share the obstacles we’ve overcome.

One of the greatest challenges a writer faces is getting up the courage to bleed onto the pages and bare all. Yes we become vulnerable. There is a risk of being judged on the content, your writing style (or lack there of), and how you will be perceived. 

As a yoga teacher of many years we know all about breaking and overcoming obstacles. It can be said in the yoga communities that the only thing comfortable in yoga is the uncomfortable. We know we are flexible some days and not others and we know some things are hard but the dedicated practitioner always shows up to conquer self. We talk about how to teach something is to master it. Writing a book is really not all that different. 

When we have successfully overcome obstacles we have become a master in something we wish to share. We come to each topic with our own unique set of eyes. When the passion burns to write you know you’ve conquered yet another obstacle as you begin to write, another when a manuscript forms, and yet another when you send it off to an editor and to print. This is the point where self mastery reigns and you are about to step into your own as an author.

Flipping your content over from experiential to informative and value add for the reader can sometimes be a tricky thing. You can tell experiential stories throughout your book about what you went through and how you conquered it but then always turn it around to provide value, entertainment, intrigue, an opportunity for growth, or something a reader can relate to. Challenge yourself to steer away from writing a memoir and into a self-help style book for the reader. Challenge the reader with questions… How would you handle this? You can create exercises and line item guided educational tools for each story or lesson. Try to find examples outside of your own material to build credibility for your material. And always be thinking in terms of what you are creating outside of the book. How will you be inspiring your reader well after the book has been read? How will you give the reader opportunities to engage with you? Can you create workshops or seminars to teach how you overcame obstacles? 

To get out from behind the book will be your next obstacle to overcome. Can you tell a story but then get out and share it? As you write you have to be thinking ahead. If you don’t think in terms of getting out from behind the book you will simply become an author of a book. Are you ok with that or are you looking for more reach? 

In many metaphysical communities the wounds you’ve healed from often times become your strengths. Can you define your strengths and then further knock them out into actionable teaching, training, coaching, and speaking topics?

A quick show today and many more topics and helpful hints to come. We are currently building out our website and adding a few new downloadable PDFs, videos, and podcasts. We are just getting started with so many exciting new things to help guide you on your book project. 

My goal is to always offer you the truth about the publishing industry and to help guide you into a professional top quality book that aligns with your goals and objectives...and to further blow out your thinking as it relates to income-generating post production. I want to see you get the biggest return on your investment of time and money! As a book publishing coach my approach isn’t conventional, but it is simple smart-thinking...because getting you aligned with the business of your book should be my job as a coach. Many authors are writing because of the challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome and the last thing I want you to have to deal with is your book as an obstacle. Let me guide you as I teach you the publishing industry, the steps for writing a book that aligns you with your values, visions, and purpose and ultimately positions you with defined business goals as you build out your platform.

Check out our new download on our homepage: Top 10 Strategies to Write Your Book Right. We have a few more coming so check back often!

So much more to come!

Are you ready to step into your strength? Are you prepared to tell the world what you’ve overcome or learned as a result of your journey?

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