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024 - Don’t Hold Out for an Agent or Publisher!


Do you have an idea for a book? Have you told yourself that one day when you have time you’ll start looking into the steps of writing it? Are you thinking about a legacy book, a memoire, a children’s book, a spiritual or experiential or self-help book? Whatever the genre of the book is you are looking to write, there is someone out there looking to make a profit on your efforts! 

Getting a lucrative deal with an agent or publishing house is well… kinda just like how you heard about your mom’s cousin’s son’s girlfriend’s daughter that won the lottery…you can find a publisher to partner with…but yeah…like winning the lottery—not everyone gets the winning ticket!

It used to be that books were only written by the highly educated or the wealthy, but since over a million of them are rolling off the presses each year these days there are far more authors writing books than there are publishers offering big deals. 

Hi, I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to today’s show! I’m gonna get a bit spicy today! I’m sorta opening up a heated topic for me here…

Let’s face it guys…a publisher wants to make a profit on you! That’s the bottom line! If you’re a real success they can even bank on you building their reputation. 

If you score big and “win the lottery” so-to-speak and you get picked up by a publisher then you might also have to pay an advance…they don’t put much skin in the game. You will have to repay the investment they make in you if you don’t sell your book. Don’t be fooled! If you have the right book at the right time and they stand behind you with marketing and arranging public appearances it’s because they think you will stand a chance of returning their investment. It’s just pure business! An agent or publisher will not pick you up unless a profit is in the foreseeable future. You see, it’s kinda like having an idea for a business… then finding a capital investor that believes in you enough to fund it.

How long are you willing to wait to produce your book and get your voice heard? How long are you going to shop around for a publisher or agent to pick you up? And what are you truly expecting to get from it? Is it exposure you’re after?

In today’s noisy world it’s hard to stand out and I get that, but many people are now being heard in this noisy world and everyone is looking to the next person to provide them either an escapable experience (such as a novel) or some kind of value to help them get ahead. Everyone is selling an experience promising a return on your investment….and now the wise entrepreneur understands the concept of providing massive value before someone is willing to invest in their products or services. So why would a book or the business of a book be any different?

So as I’ve asked many times before, do you want to be an author or a writer? A writer will fall into many of the trappings broadcast all over the internet and social media to elevate themselves through book sales. You can get easily pulled in believing that this will get you ahead, but the reality is that spinning your wheels trying to become a best-seller is like walking away from your day job to go stand in line for a lottery ticket in hopes of winning big. You would serve yourself far better by focusing all your effort on building your platform outside of your book. Many top authors of self-help genres have an entire business running outside of the book and a book is just another tool in their communications or marketing budget. Many times a book is repurposed information from a strong platform. You see, a publisher would love to pick you up if you have a large audience, a strong platform, a lucrative business, or any other entrepreneurial pursuits that would increase the likelihood of them making a profit.

When you begin to understand the publishing environment you will understand that becoming a self-published author is where you keep not just your profits, but also your voice. You are not told what to say or not to say based on pop culture or publisher guidelines. You can align your book efforts with your business. You can align with your movement, your charity, your client or customer needs, etc. A book is always going to serve you best when you write it in alignment with your goals and objectives, not when you write it for popularity and what you think people want to hear. You can be a one time best seller or you can invest in your future with valuable material that aligns and expands your personal or business message, products, and services for years to come. 

So here’s a challenge for you…if you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to self-publish a book and learn the publishing process to break all the barriers down. In every new experience we are challenged with what we don’t know. So, if you have a book that you believe you’d like to try to get sold with a publisher then hold that one back and write a different one. Learn the process, then if you still feel like you want to go for it and sell your idea to a publisher then you can approach them with a book in hand letting them know you’re already an author. It may get their attention. But, don’t loose sight of the idea you have to have something going outside of the book. You’ll be more desirable as you build out your platform. But, honestly, if I could give you the best advice? I’d tell you just to take that book to print straight out of the gate as a self-published author.

Since tomorrows aren’t guaranteed and you haven’t produced a book by thoughts alone…you still don’t have a publisher or agent…I’d just get it done and get it out there!

And these internet or social media claims about big sales, sales secrets, high profile visibility, or writing a book in a weekend? Forget it! If you’re struggling to create sustainable results, sales, or big figures from your book in any way you have to step back and ask…am I really trying to be a writer? Or am I trying to be an entrepreneur with a book that supports my business or my life as a another channel for visibility into all things me? 

There is no secret sauce to making four, five, or six figures with your book alone. Seriously, don’t fall for it! These are false claims! It’s the difference between selling your book for $24.95 and it’s cost to produce - that’s your profit…then multiply it by sales…add in an agent, publisher, or distributor and printing and marketing…then lost time to focus on all things book! You’re selling a small ticket item…lets just bring that into focus here! Where you are ALWAYS going to make the biggest bang for your buck? It’s always what you do with your book! Get out from behind the book and use the book as a marketing tool to get in the door. Sell your products and services for thousands and use the book for credibility.

Grab your quick Amazon best-seller with some easy strategy when you launch it and then move on from the book. Use the book to build an online coaching, teaching, or training program. Use the book to build a speaking business. Use the book to launch a new idea, a new charity, a new leg to your personal or business platform. 

Stay focused on your key message and slip the book in as another tool in your marketing of all things you. Don’t get caught up in the games! 

I’ve put together a real, repeatable, and comprehensive online book publishing program to help you write your book much like a business plan…you’ve got to know how to get a return on your investment. Don’t get me wrong, writing a book is not a fruitless effort but when aligned properly can produce much better results. 

Go get my Let’s Get Your Book Published book on Amazon and start there. The online program will work from this book, so if you like the format it will support it with more than 300 pages in downloads and supplemental materials. I’ve also created a New York publishing company and have worked as a book layout and cover designer for nearly a decade. I’ve got you covered! 

OK guys…I’m all about exposing the truths and getting your properly aligned with your book project…get aligned with your purpose and your big why’s and stay focused on the outcome! Until next time…

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