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027 - Conquering Limiting Beliefs & Disbelievers

limiting beliefs Mar 11, 2020

I don’t know about you but, I’m currently in a season riddled with dis-believers! Everyone around seems to have an opinion about something I’m doing in my life. I’m not whatever it is everyone needs me to be in every direction. After many years of criticism I’ve come out the other side with a stronger, healthier opinion of myself. I’ve decided to take the criticism as a compliment! 

The way I see it is I’m viewed as capable of much more than I realize. To everyone else I’m the one that should step up, stand out, and do that thing everyone else is missing in their life! I’ve finally figured out that what others project on me has really nothing to do with me! Perhaps you’ve heard the quote:

“What you think of me is none of my business"

Hi I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to todays show about conquering limiting beliefs and the disbeliever!

I’ve learned to turn my anger and disappointments around and empower myself with my choices, actions, and words. I cannot be all things to all people! 

Can you relate to this? Are you trying to better yourself and being met met with tremendous resistance? Has it propelled you forward as an advocate of change? A light worker? A mentor, speaker, or coach? And, have you thought about putting your thoughts, research, and experiences in a book?

When your butting heads anywhere it could simply mean that you are a change-maker and a light bearer and you were meant to lead not to conform or follow! You see things different. So instead of falling victim to low vibration, negativity, and over bearing opinion it’s time to take the drivers seat and lead!

And isn’t it funny that as I’m recording this podcast that Harvey Weinstein was just sentenced to 23 years in jail. The irony!

A book will allow you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, viewpoint, share your story, and spread your light. Sometimes the only way to change is to step up and lead. Instead of having a repeated argument - do the research and put it in a book. When someone brings up a particular topic you can gracefully point them to your book. And guess what? Nine out of ten times you’ve just made yourself an expert in something simply because you’ve taken the time to give it real thought. You’ve done the research. You’ve learned there is no reason to be combative and now you’re in a position to be informative—whether you’re caught in an argument or not.

When I wrote my 3rd book I took on the topic of immunizations in dogs. I now understand a controversial topic and can better speak to it. I formed an opinion and I did my research. If anyone wants to argue I can show them my immunizations chapter in my book. Clearly not everyone will agree. I even wrote in my book that I’m not a veterinarian but I’m a concerned dog owner and I’d welcome you to challenge what  wrote and write a book of your own to contradict or expand on what I shared. I not only expected disagreement, but I welcomed it. This is not just about me but as a pet parent I wanted to know more to do better.

What topics just irk you when you see them happening or people bring them up? How does this trigger you? Is it time to step up and dive into the research and place your findings in a book? Is there something you are an expert of? Is there something you’ve always wondered about?

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself when no one else does and you’ve gotta say “look out get outta my way!”. You have to stay true and find your tribe. You’ve got a message and it’s not for everyone. And you may loose friends or family if they disagree. They may just not support you. I know I have family that turns their back on me when I share what my books have helped people with. I’ve been given the cold shoulder more than once by people that should love and support me. I’ve cried many tears because I’ve learn they just never will understand my point of view and my love and passion for my beliefs. It hurts yes, but I can’t dwell there and get pulled down. My conviction and passion is still strong and that just means I have to go alone. I know what leads me and who I am. I’d like support but I also know I’m not going to always get it

Once we become awakened we cannot unawaken no matter how hard we try. I love this quote from Alice in Wonderland:

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Not everyone shares your depth of character and because you're bringing them out of their comfort zone they are going to fight back. Many fear change. It’s ok.

Here’s a great quote by A.J. Lawless:

“ Her soul was too deep to be explored by those who always swam in the shallow end.”

For the broad and aware soul we’d love to invite someone in to the deep end and our words can do that for the right reader. Many people resist change and try to hold onto something permanent or solid—personal growth and development scares them. But, when you’re moving along on a seekers journey in full consciousness you are aware that change is the only constant. By nature, you are awake and aware and because you are meant to lead change and break obstacles… and you can’t find your place where you fit in…you were born to stand out!

When only 2% of the population actually pushes past obstacles and makes their way into becoming an author…guess what? You’re in the minority! This means people are looking up to you to guide, lead, and inform them. When you find your tribe you will be loved and cherished for exactly who you are! Be ok standing out and know as author you are embarking on a path of self discovery that will break down many obstacles and people will want to know how you did it. And then there will always be the neigh-sayers that wish they did too. 

Ok guys…I hope I’ve inspired you to break down whatever obstacles are holding you back (whether they relate to you writing a book or some other place in life). I will always be your best cheerleader…and this is because I’ve been where you are! I get it!

Keep going and keep up! I support you! Until next time…

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