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029 - Gifts of the Coronavirus?

corona virus Mar 16, 2020

Strange perhaps to think something so devastating could prove to be positive, right?

If you are forced to stay home, unable to go out, and get pulled out of a daily routine you’re going to have to look at some things you might not have looked at in awhile…those little spider webs in your closets so to speak. 

You might have to find something new eat, care for your kids, spend time with a partner, workout at home or walk outside, stop hiding from your neighbor, clean your house, or otherwise reinvent yourself in some way in order to cope with what’s happening in the world and it’s effects on your life.

The gift of quiet reflection. So much can be gained personally, professionally, and spiritually when we have down time to re-focus!

Have you put off learning something new? Growing your business? Taking a class? Learning about a new diet or even fasting? Have you always wanted to build something or learn to knit? Or what about writing a book? 

What have you been putting off until you had time? If you weren’t living in fear, what could you do with this gift of down time to expand and grow yourself? 

What part of you has awakened in these times? Have you run through a gamut of emotions about where you are in life? What if I get sick…have I left my mark? Have I served my life purpose? What is my life purpose anyhow? What if I don’t heal that relationship before I die? What if someone I know gets sick? How well prepared am I and how much food do I have? How long do I have to stay inside and will I loose my mind? 

When you’re done asking yourself all of the survival questions and you are assured you are ok or you find your personal spiritual relationship of comfort or faith…what are you going to do with this very life you’ve been given?

I’ve been told I’m a thinker. Yes, I am. I have found myself to be reflective at times of death. And, in the quiet somber reflective place I can realize something in myself that I know I will carry forward into my personal experience very differently afterwards. A death of a loved one, a death of an idea, a death of a lifestyle…any death.

I begin going deep into myself in these times. And this virus (just an energy) has given me one of the greatest gifts I’ve seen in myself in awhile. I have been witness to my personal growth, strength, and faith in ways I hadn’t fully awakened to prior. I was on the cusp of an opening but was yet to peer inside prior to this gift in time. 

One morning on the yoga mat during this gift in time I exploded open as I was shown the beauty on the other side of suffering. For so long I have been challenged with how to overcome my own personal story…all my perceived wounds piling up over many years. I saw the wounds as problematic - they caused me such pain. They became even more problematic as they became compounded in each new relationship when someone was trying to grasp who I was in an effort just to get to know me. And, in an effort to explain I was crushed deeper under such harsh scrutinizing judgements of suffering I thought I had come through years prior. Even my coping mechanisms mis-understood…I was fighting myself for personal peace…fighting the mind chatter of “I’m not as I should be”. The constant battle for years… enhanced with so much pushback from other - literally pushing me back into my own personal space and separating me further from other. I learned all about social distancing well before it became a term inside all corona virus communication. 

As a yogi and as a recluse removing from the harmful judgements of others…viewing myself as separate when others viewed me as wounded and weak.

I would be gifted with the initial fear of becoming ill from this virus…re-hashing my life and asking myself “have you lived on purpose?” And “are you prepared to go”? “If not, what else is there to do?” 

In the questioning I found and acknowledged my strength. I saw that much of my purpose was simply to get through the suffering and come out on the other side. On the other side of suffering is a personal strength that will never be taken. In a catastrophic event I am strong. I have been through this. I know who I am. I know my gifts. I am a woman of faith. I walk with god. 

I know that in either sickness or health I am held. I am loved. The other side of struggling reveals your grit…your stamina…the gifts practiced in yoga and in life…this kind of strength never to be taken by another no matter the trauma. 

Each of our experiences is different and this is our personal truth. 

So, instead of worrying of how I will fare. I know I have done my very best. I am a thinker and trust me it hasn’t gone un-thunk! 

These are the times we will share with our kids and write in stories and stories is what I love. Do you have a story to tell? Where have you found your strength? Do you have renewed faith? Have you settled into your fear and accepted all of this fantastic opportunity for growth?

Wishing you peace, love, and light

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