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051 - Oh No You Didn’t!

criticism truth Jun 15, 2020

Hey Guys I’m gonna jump right in here today!

What’s got you pissed off? Are you so tired of the neigh-sayers? Are you so tired of the division and the arguing? Are you even more tired of not shining as you stand in your truth?

If you know me, then you know I’m my clients greatest advocate for speaking, living, and being in their truth. It’s what my first book (Finding Your Inner Truth) encourages in fact.

In my many years of study as a yogi and shamanic healer I have learned such wonderful foundational lessons for removing ego, standing in a place of non-judgement, and tearing down the barriers and obstacles that are keeping one form shining in their authentic self. 

As a writer, the world is our oyster as they say…we can cultivate either an imaginary reality or showcase our empowered self through the power of the word…your word! 

During these challenging times I’ve been judged as “white privileged” by someone on social media. I’ve been doubted for the decisions I have made. I have been ridiculed by many as I’ve shared the energy healer side of me. And I’ve been told I’m aggressive and insensitive. Of course, if you’ve studied any of the metaphysical work I have over the years you know that there is so much projection here. I may or may not be these things in someone else’s eyes but what is really occurring is a projection. 

It has been said…”what you think of me is none of my business”! And, if you took the time to know me you’d know that I’m a kind and sensitive person and I’ve had to fight hard against so much that has tried for many years to break my spirit. 

I recently announced that my pups and I will be making a trip down to Florida soon to buy what we are fondly calling our “super bus” and, in the exposure of what I have been seriously contemplating for now 3 years, I have again witnessed the backlash. There are those that think this is crazy for a single woman to do. There are those that don’t think I can drive it. There are those that see this as very non-traditional decision and project their distaste because it’s outside their comfort zone. And then there is the discussion of buying new verses used and the cost of gas and repairs, and campsite fees and all kinds of other issues. If you’ve ever had to pack up your home office and travel across the country with dogs I’m sure you can understand part of why I’ve made this decision.

But, you know, like everything, there is a whole back-story behind this decision. If I told you the back-story you’d be overwhelmed and wonder how I’ve made it this far. 

You know, I thought I was dying a year ago and on the other side of recovery I found that so few of us are aware that this is our one and only life and it’s up to us right now to decide what we are going to do with it. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Mean people will always be there to tell us what we didn’t do right and some of them because we simply exist. So many of us go through our lives unawakened or in patters of social norms and routines. But, I know there is another world out there awaiting…call it another dimension…call it what you like, but it’s a kind world where we all matter, where we all have a voice. And for me, its why I do everything I do…to give authors a voice, teach them how to build credentials, to build a platform, and ultimately to write a book. We all have to conform in some way to be acknowledged. It’s one of the rules to this earth game. I personally, have conquered death; overcome infidelity; risen above oppressive views; survived bullying; and found a way to create a relatively balanced life living with severe health challenges that sometimes find me flat on my back for a good portion of the day.

There is another book inside of me urning to come out and it’s in these kind of challenging times where my words are always birthed. When the tears are flowing and life is kicking me in the shins…generally after I’ve already fallen. When it seems the world is against you, at no real fault of your own, that’s when you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and dig deep to find your no quit attitude. A quote to consider:

“Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: What dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.” (Katherine MacKennett)

I want to talk about social conditioning…because I think we are all seeing it break down today. Interesting things happen in a state of awareness. We are awakened and no more blindness can exist. Think about something as simple as the suburban lawn…how each homeowner strives for the perfection of the green lawn and the ornamental or decorative trees so perfectly placed. And what value does this truly provide? We don’t sustain or nourish ourselves on the green grass covered in fertilizer. We don’t eat the fruit of the decorative tree. Sure it is all lovely and pleasing to the eye. But, why do we have starving people in our own country when so many of us have a piece of land we could grow food on. And why do we have a home that could house a stray dog but we put them in cages awaiting their termination date? We do many things in our society that doesn’t make any sense. We are forced to grow numb because of the desire to keep up with the social norms…programing in full effect when we are far too busy to see what’s really going on.

You see…its the visionary thinker, the seer, the artist, the author that observes and asks questions. For me, for example, why do people see it ok to buy a fancy car or expensive SUV but for a few dollars more one could buy an RV. You can’t sleep in, cook in, shower in, or go to the bathroom in your SUV and that sports car might fit only 2. Is it preference or is function? We all have the right to decide.

You see, it’s sometimes the visionaries job to break the patterning…to showcase the societal norms and how they can be broken. Us authors and artists were born to stand out. And, as such, we see life differently. We don’t strive to be a part of the norm. In fact, we’ve even been judged as trying to stand out. But, the fact is we just do. It’s who we are. And yes, I’ve been accused of that too. I’ve been told I try to be different. I know you are with me here. When you see between the lines… you didn’t try to do that, you just do.

So, let me wrap this all back around. Starting with a quote by an unknown author:

“When you’re in alignment with your True Self, what people think about you is irrelevant.”

The true artist or author is anchored in True Self and knows they just never will fit in. It’s not really their goal. It never has been.

There is a power greater than us that can move us into places that others only dream of. We are channels of the infinite, open to the energy of the divine. Somehow we were born with obstacles in the physical and when those blocks are removed we are free to live and be and create. What flows through us is what others become numb to. 

Social programming and behavior that creates distancing and separation from anyone outside the parameters of the so-called “norm” are breaking down. We all have a purpose and a voice and a reason for being. 

The radical light warriors can see through the paradigm and they are breaking it down. The framework filled with basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted are being challenged. We are all riding a huge wave of change on our planet, but it’s the writers and artists of these times that observe and capture these moments in history. For god sake…who else would if they are all asleep!

So, it’s in these words today that I grant you the permission to shine in the glory of your True Self. You know, because sometimes we need someone to tell us it’s ok and we can! 

Shine on light warrior, shine on!

As always, wishing you peace, love, and light!

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