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075 - Working With A Book Designer - Part 5 of 5

cover design design Oct 13, 2020

The Future of My Book—Where Do We Go From Here?

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the final and 5th part in the 5 part series on working with a designer. We are going to talk about what we do once we have a book in hand…how to make changes in the next print runs, how to sell and market your book, and how to get started working with me on the design and layout of your book. So, let’s get started…


How do I make changes to the book’s content in the future?

  • Many authors seem to get confused about future reprints. When there is no more Word doc and the book is already printed it is best to contact the designer or editor directly. You will work with the Editor and Designer just like you did when you were making your final changes.
  • Many authors start to look into cutting costs after their initial print. They start to look into print on demand, soft cover books, and also look into distribution savings and inventory control.

As you will hear in some of my earlier podcasts, all of this should be a part of initial planning and not an after-thought. All of this! Marketing included! So, let me remind you of the questions you should be asking well before we get to this stage:

Where Do You Plan to Sell Your Book?

  • Bookstores are disappearing and online sales are the norm.
  • Is your book cover designed to stand out and be seen?
  • Title is key, images may cloud the title.
  • Does it fit the genre?
  • Is it priced appropriately for the genre? How about for the page count and printing enhancements you may have chosen?

Are you speaking?

  • Does the book have a “stage presence” or brand image?
  • How would it look on stage and represented with banners and business cards?
  • Is it clear what the book is about? Does it support your speech and image?
  • Can you break it up into several books for back of the room sales material?
  • Can you turn it into breakout sessions or coaching, teaching, or training?


Are you using the book for teaching and seminars?

  • Do you need a logo that carries into the classroom?
  • Is the book written to support teaching or do you need a supplemental workbook?

I’ve produced quite an assortment of podcasts that discuss the marketing process for your book, but rather than repeat myself I want you to go to my website and download the two downloads on the homepage. The first is the “Top 10 Strategies You Need to Know to Write Your Book Right” and the second is “Powering Through Obstacles to Build Your Manuscript”. Next, I want you to go to Amazon and buy my Let’s Get Your Book Published eBook and open up to the 11th chapter on Marketing. It’s the largest section in my book and it will guide you on many marketing topics. But, it all begins with a “why” and builds into a brand positioning platform well before you write the book.

What’s Next & How to Get Started:

If you’ve already been through my book publishing training program or your ready to design your book or you’ve been through another coaching program, here’s what we need to get you started.

You’ll need to provide us with:

  • Any cover images you have found you want to try. (just send the image number from a royalty free image website or from any artist you have permission to use the work of)
  • Title, subtitle, tagline, author name
  • Any branding details
  • A sentence about the book and your goals and objectives for it
  • We will send you an invoice for payment with an detailed agreement
    Of course, you can contact me directly by texting (808)280-5559 and we can set up a time to talk.


Once we get going on the cover design and move into the interior design…

  • Have your editor send the manuscript and cover pieces when they are complete
  • Talk with a printer for book size, as we can’t start without it
  • Get the publishers imprint, barcode, price code to us when you’re complete with the manuscript.
  • Send over a 300 dpi or greater author photo
  • We will design a few covers to start with. We will fine tune a few for your final choices. Usually we will start with 5-10 sample images. You should be very clear at this stage, not so much in trial and error mode.

Next up —eBook!

Once your book is complete we recommend that you also launch with an ebook. We aren’t a job shop and we do request we are paid for our time as professionals. We do charge an additional fee for the eBook conversion.

When your book goes off to the printer for it’s final print it’s a great time to do the book conversion. Once you receive the shipment of books you will be ready to launch the eBook with the printed book. It’s really how all professionals launch a book.

The Book is Only as Good as its Marketing Campaign

Therefore, we also offer a marketing package that includes all the pieces you need to successfully present your book to the public: our packaging includes a social media banners, a speaker one sheet (this is required when bidding for speaking gigs), a book launch flyer, a mailing sticker for your priority mail envelope when you ship your sold books, and business cards.


Angel Dog Productions

Our goal over here at Let’s Get Your Book Published is to combine our teaching and coaching with the creative services of our sister company Angel Dog Productions. We basically can do everything for you except the editing…and we have a great referral list for professional editors and a defined interview process to help you find the right one for your book project.

Again, check out the store on our website for our disclosed pricing and to sign up for the online book publishing coaching program. Visit our YouTube channel, listen to our other podcast episodes, read our blog, and get a copy of the book. We have been serving authors for over a decade now and we love what we do. We plan to keep doing it!

Remember that a well-written book with rich and useable content serves for a lifetime, while a best-seller is just a one time deal. Don’t be fooled with the best-seller status or the publishing systems that promote this.

Our world is changing and so is how we conduct business. A book is the greatest marketing secret to showcasing your expertise and building credibility in the marketplace and how the content gets defined can parallel your message for life.

To Rehash - Things to Remember…

A Designer will do so much more than just a book cover - this is one of the largest misconceptions new authors have before they begin working with a designer


A Professional Book Cover and Layout Designer Will Do All of the Following:

  • Cover Design
  • Jacket Design
  • Compile All Assets
  • Interior Book Design
  • Create Consistency in Design
  • Work With the Editor
  • Prepare PDF Files
  • Work With the Printer
  • Prepare the Print Templates
  • Help You Get A Proof Book
  • Hold Your Hand into Print
  • Help You With eBook
  • Assist/Prepare Marketing


The Cover is the First Impression

  • People do judge a book by its cover
  • Don’t do your cover yourself and don’t use fiver
  • When sitting next to a New York publishing house book it should not look self published
  • Does the book design look good shrunk down to a thumbnail image on a mobile phone or amazon thumbnail?
  • Less is more - KISS rule
  • Fit the genre - It should not stand out in its genre but rather fit in
  • Colors and fonts will become your brand image - What you design now follows you until your next revision.
  • A professional design is subtle yet powerful and doesn’t get in the way or stand out
  • Look at NY books and go to a bookstore before you begin - look in your genre and see what draws your attention and why
  • A good cover design makes you want to buy the book or leaves a lasting impression

OK guys…thank you for listening to our 5-part series on working with a designer. I hoped it you learned something new or useful. I know some of this was quite detailed, but I do think you will now have a better understanding that there is far more that goes into book cover, layout, and design.

Stay tuned for my next podcast with Dan Edds…an interview on writing and publishing his book and what he’s doing with it in the future.

As always, wishing you peace, love, and light!

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