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077- Do You Need Permission to Write Your Book?


No! No! No! No! No! You do not need permission to write a book!

You Guys want to know my most popular podcast episode? It’s the “Done Is Better Than Perfect” Episode!

Why Guys? Why? Seriously…why?

Before we get going to far along here, let me introduce myself… I’m Nicole Gabriel, the founder of the Let’s Get Your Book Published Program and former reluctant author of my first book that was ten years in the making…ten years you guys! And once I gave birth to that baby I gave birth to three more. I gave myself permission. And you know, I actually waited not just ten years to birth my book but during the editing process I was waiting for someone to tell me I had done a good job or to tell me “you can’t write that!” Or “fix that because it’s not perfect and someone will judge you!” And let me tell you that my first book was completely judge-worthy! I spilled the beans in that baby! I put myself in a very vulnerable spot! I talked about my spiritual awakening, my love losses, my unawareness and eye-opening experiences in all of my personal transformation process! And let me tell you that what I was witness to and what I exposed myself to was not for the faint of heart. But, I did it! So let me tell you…if I can do it you can do it! And, if you don’t believe me, get a copy of my first book - Finding Your Inner Truth and see for yourself.

Even today I have a book in my that needs to be birthed, but I have struggled with how to write it so that I’m not complaining, not outing the “wrong-doer’s”, I’m not putting out the book that sets the tone for my image, etc. Because, lets face it, if you’ve listened to enough of my podcasts you know that I’m all over the place exposing my vulnerabilities. But, I suppose that it’s my goal to be truthful, authentic, heart-felt, and give you the true story of all of my struggles. And those struggles bleed onto and off of the pages on a regular basis. Since my first book was about truth, how could I give you anything else but the raw and ugly truth of the book writing process?

So, let me tell you what’s going on for me personally with regard to permission. You see, I still need it! I’m more apt and willing to share and expose myself, but my new challenge is that I want my next book to be the best one yet. And honestly, the others really weren’t too shabby. I doubt them sometimes and over the years all I have to do is open them up and peer into the pages to set my restless mind at ease and know they are good! They really are good! And what makes them good is a combination of things.

Knowing your content is good is one thing, but style and creativity of writing is another. Seriously, you just have to hire a good editor. And truthfully, persistence is the key to everything…because as long as you are persistent you’re going to get what you want. Whatever or whoever shows up part time isn’t really committed or dedicated in their effort. It’s no different with a book. You can’t show up half way for the race…you have to run it or go home. When you are undeniably committed and focused on the thing you do or share you will push through any obstacle to make it happen.

Here are a few other tips that will help ease your mind and get you over the “who am I to write a book” pessimism and negative self-talk…we will call these….

Tips to Soothe the Hesitant Author:

  1. Tell the Truth: Being authentically and uniquely you is your super power! If you are not all you claim to be you will expose yourself at some point in how you show up. No one else is you and you are your greatest gift on the page and in life.
    Be in Alignment With Your Message: It will be obvious to readers if you don’t practice what you preach. You can only hide it for so long.
  2. Write A Love Note to Yourself: Have you heard the Law of Attraction? Well, you are always reflecting an audience of likeminded back, so ease yourself and all your worries as you write…write to yourself. Address the things you are hung up on - hit em’ head on! Use your book to break open your obstacles and stumbling blocks.
  3. Walk Yourself Through Your Worst Nightmare: Paint the picture of all your worst scenarios and how you would feel or how you would respond if these situations were to occur. Is it all really that scary anyway?
  4. Get Strong on Your Why: when you know why you are writing and you build up enough passion, persistence, focus, and momentum - girlfriend, no one is stopping you! Here’s a couple fill in the blanks for you: 

“I must tell people ________ immediately because _____________________”

“When I write this book I will achieve _________________________________”

“I will use my book to position myself as an expert in ___________________”

“My book will serve as a platform to build _____________________________”

5.  Balancing the “I don’t care what people think” with the “I really do care and want this to be awesome” Thinking: let’s face it, we all care what people think and we want our book to be fabulous, but there really is a balance here. You kinda have to get to the place of “screw it” and open the floodgate of content to let it naturally and authentically flow. This is not so much a popularity contest when you aren’t writing to be popular but to provide value for the reader. It’s just a matter of switching up the way you approach it.

6.  Offering Value over Acceptance: content is king, right? You’ve heard this before? You have to keep in mind that there is always a certain level of entertainment factor to writing a book. Clearly, if you’re not resonating with the author or content you’ll not continue reading, but even if you don’t like me you might like the value I’m proving and agree to read on anyhow.
What Are You Doing For Me?: You have to position your book so that it’s not just me, me, me, but it becomes an experience for the reader. This isn’t always about creativity, but more about relatability.

Permission is a bit like being shy or unsure. I kinda look at it a bit like dating. If someone really wants to be a fixture in your life they will woo you into a state of allowing, agreeing to a date, submitting to the offer, or opening the door. If you write defensively you will only attract those in violent opposition looking to fight or those in agreement. If you teach, train, coach, or provide lasting value that enhances someones life in some way then they will clearly want more of what you are offering.

Like all good courtships… a book resonates with a reader or not. It’s likely begin by identifying or fulfilling a need (Is she single? Does he want a relationship?) , intensifies with chemistry or desire (Does he like me?), and solidifies with a lasting value proposition (does this bring joy into my life or make me feel good?)

The only permission one needs to write a book is clarity of purpose, passion for the content,  and if the audience is a match you will have the benefit of also selling copies. There comes a point in life where you get to be the adult, the way-shower, the sage, and the master of your desires and manifestations. A book doesn’t have to be approved by anyone as a self-published author, but it always seems to come down to sales as the mechanism to validate acceptance. Yet, we aren’t all salespeople and not everyone will see our book. It is like an art…purpose and production is all in the eye of the beholder. When your why outweighs your (possibly only perceived) limitations you get the freedom to be you. So, I say get clear on your why and use a book to build the platform to manifest your desires. Hang tough and plow through whatever limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Be True.
Be in Alignment.
Love Yourself.
Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Offer Value.

I’m always on your side. If you find value in these podcast, please write a review and share. We love what we do over here at Let’s Get Your Book Published and we are good at it to. We’d love to help you with your book project. We do coaching, training, and design and would love to see you become an author during one of the most challenging times in human history. 2020 could all turn around for you if you simply give yourself permission.

As always, wishing you peace, love, and light.

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