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084 - The Vibrational Resonance of Truth


Hey Guys! Nicole here!

I’m gonna get a little “woo-hoo” today. I’m taking this topic of truth a bit deeper as it seems I’ve opened up my intuitive nature once again. I do believe this all relates to book writing, as so much of the journey an author goes through is a battle of mind and presence. So, without further adieu, lets get into todays show about the vibrational resonance of truth…

Science, through Quantum Physics, is showing us that everything in our universe is energy—it has its own vibrational frequency.

Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Attraction? There is also the The Law of Vibration. Everything has its own vibrational frequency - the table, the cup, the vase - even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by The Law of Vibration.

I began to wonder if truth could be measured in some way and as I was meditating I heard my inner voice speak to me loud and clear that truth has a vibrational resonance. I know enough about the law of attraction to be curious about how we could expose whether something was a truth or a lie and how the attraction mechanism might work…who or what might be attracted to us would indicate the matching vibration of our presence. Although, I do also like to keep an open mind that what is attracted is also to show us what we also don’t want and that sometimes strengthens our faith …or further clarifies what we do want.

I wrote in my first book about how I could see lies. They were like a little gray cloud hovering over the head of the person telling them to me. Since then, I have often wondered if a kind of clairvoyant scan would indicate if hidden agendas were present and you would know who you are dealing with instantaneously. I wondered why someone I trusted was lying to me and why I was now suddenly able to see it. I wondered if this was a new gift I had received as a part of my awakening. Was this a sneak peek at a future new world we would be living in collectively? I had heard rumors that perhaps as one awakened lies would be visible.

We’ve all had that experience where the truth isn’t always what we first think. But, truth can stand on its own and we can learn to read it when we learn to trust your own intuition. “Trust the gut” is often the phrase we use when we need to make a decision about something that affects us personally.

Many of us choose to look at what we know and what we can physically see. We are not always willing to keep an open mind… and making a decision about what is true seems to bind us in some obligatory fashion to a position, to choose sides, perhaps there is a fear of choice that we will be held there indefinitely as we now fixate on our framed truth…

I believe the unawakened soul begins seeking inside the so-called "established truth". One defines a frame of knowledge based on what has been proven and accepted by the masses. In other words, if something is established as a general truth one might stick to it. As one begins to awaken we might begin to challenge the established frame of knowledge.

Oftentimes, truth seems to need outside validation…does this exist elsewhere? If someone else also believes this truth it seems to prove the accuracy of it. The old adage ”seeing is believing" may be another validation technique. I guess it’s a bit like quantum physics…does it exist if only one of use knows about it? Can we manipulate it if we dive down the rabbit hole together? If more than one agree is it a fact? Everything we encounter or create becomes a part of a belief system and this creation forms our is-ness.

But, we don’t have to see something to believe it. When a new truth replaces an old one a paradigm shift happens. Your frame of knowledge shifts. Sometimes we just know something but we don’t even know how. Perhaps it’s when our own intuition guides us and we know it in our gut.

I wondered if truth can be objective…if we all come into an experience with a different understanding or background… the analysis of truth could prove more favorable to some and detrimental to others. It would seem that if a validation of truth was required it would have to go up against some kind of code of ethics to determine if there was a violation… perhaps to determine if it was unfavorable to the masses or caused harm. But, maybe it needs none of this if it’s held within a place of personal knowing…back to the idea of “trust the gut”.

Here on earth we live in a strange way amongst our brothers and sisters. When you study animals they seem to work for the common good. If you were to even hypothetically apotheosize how otherworldly civilizations live you might make general observations on how they work together. Humans seem to be the only begins that manipulate one another and not for the common good. Why do we do this? Have we become so used to living in the lies that we don’t recognize the discordant resonance of truth?

I believe everyone is given what they need to evolve. In fact, our earth emits a vibration (or pulse) that is called the Schumann Resonance, which is about 7.83 hertz. The human heart emits a frequency that is the same. It can be said that the frequency of the planet also matches that of human consciousness at the optimal alpha brain wave state. I’ve often wondered if it’s human consciousness that raises the earth’s vibration or the earth that raises human consciousness. In the conceptual belief of oneness perhaps it’s one in the same.

Have you ever heard the phrase “a saint knows a saint and a sinner knows a sinner”? It’s kinda like the law of attraction. We humans seem to have a kind of vibration antenna that sends and receives frequencies with those around us.

Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Like many of you, I’ve been “duped” by those I have trusted. I mean really duped! Like life-changing kind of trauma that has deeply affected my life. So, I have gone on a kind of quest to determine how to enhance my ability to discover the intention in those around me before I spend too much time or get too deep or involved… or before I get either hurt or my life gets turned around in what I might deem an unfavorable manner.

Of course, I always believe that we are never on the wrong path…I mean I have faith and trust my alignment with my creator. So perhaps we are never led astray. But, I do believe that how we live our life is a choice in terms of how we choose to vibrate.  It could be said that living a clean life enhances ones consciousness. And, in essence, this allows one to discover a truth in a higher resonance. We can develop practices that balance our energy and keep our pineal gland clear (for those that don’t know what this is - it’s said to be the seat of the intuition…it’s the place between the eyes at the base of the nose). Living clean or aware allows us access to frequencies of higher dimensions. Did you know that little things like wearing bangs and covering the pineal gland dampen its ability to be intuitive. Imagine something like botox or a temperature scan in that area and how it also numbs the ability. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know.

Many speak that humanity is undergoing a process of ascension and a vibrational shift that will radically impact individual and collective consciousness. Basically, ascending gives us a higher sensory perception as we move into more advanced levels of intelligence. But, for those that don’t know, what exactly does developing higher sensory perception mean? Is there some massive event to let me know it’s happened? Does my body shift or change?

I believe it is far more subtle. When you expand consciousness, it goes beyond acquiring mental knowledge or linear thinking. I would say its more sensory. One would become more sensitive…like to know in the gut if something is true. True might mean it’s a better match for your vibration. You would have a kind of cognizance (a knowing) that might resonate with your mind, body, and spirit that perhaps defies the logical mind thinking we are accustomed to. Researching would validate the clara-cognizant knowing and provide the 3rd dimensional validation some might seek…to prove your knowing.

For me, I have always had a sense of knowing that has been quite frustrating in my life. I’m always asked to prove something I know without hesitation. But we kinda have to get there together in this new vibration.

As we move into 2021, some of us begin moving into a higher vibration, while others of us lag behind in the sluggish unknowing. Some of us are the way-showers. The awakened begin to feel the pull forward and the drag down of the lower vibrating energies. I know personally, I get quite frustrated when I have to back up and explain. But, we have to get there together. If we are all moving into these higher vibrational states we can move more seamlessly into the clara-cognizant knowing and the discovery of truth.

As I’ve said before, truth is based on our experiences. We cannot push others to awaken and no one will awaken without a true desire. We must train ourselves to practice compassion as we expand in consciousness. Compassion is a key ingredient to developing our human potential, to accessing higher states or awareness, experiencing higher states of perception, and a best-practice of kindness towards all life.

All that exists, whether seen or unseen, consists of a rate of frequency. To shift something one must first become aware of it.  Think of a diet. You have to become aware it’s not the healthiest choice for you. Once you break the cycles or patterns that have led to an addiction of thought or behavior you begin the moving through the cycle of self awareness.

In all things truth…we break thought (or thinking) addictions and begin to no longer accept everything one has been told by other people as fact and truth. We recover from the theft of our own consciousness. As consciousness expands, so does the practice of compassionate actions that are not limited by time and space. I kind of think this is the point where an author comes to write a book…when a cycle is broken and now they want to share their experiences that led them to their “ah-ha” moment.

When higher consciousness is expanded, sensory abilities are greatly expanded. This means consciousness develops and one may begin to perceive and sense energies in higher frequency ranges…. They then perhaps perceive what they were not aware of previously.

You know, in my experience, I moved into a self-observation process to create more self-awareness…I began an inner dialog in my mind analyzing my thoughts, emotions, and experiences that made up my personal truth. I think awakening begins with the self. Discovering a baseline truth of understanding of all things me has helped me know what vibrational frequency is in alignment. I can now better identify what people, places, and events would enhance my well-being…not suffocate it. Becoming clear on my vibrational frequency is my truth.

In my yoga practices I have learned that working the mind is kinda the trick of the whole thing. You might hear about the neutral mind. You know, its funny too because when someone comes to me to write a book I can see by their words how well-healed or aware they are with regard to their content. Are they an expert of a subject or do they need to write to help them heal? There are many reasons people write a book. But, when someone can write from a neutral mind and transcend all the personal wounds for the sake of inspiring, teaching, or entertaining the reader it now becomes a book for the reader. It’s best to live life in a neutral mind, so I think writing a book from this place can serve as well. You can use your personal stories as an observation for moving into full presence of awareness on your why…why you are writing in the first place. Because, I think it’s important to have a goal.

I think many authors realize that we are a part of something larger and we have reached a place of having enough appreciation and kindness for ourselves and know we can now help others. I guess that we have found our vibration of truth and, by expressing ourselves, we attract an equal vibration…or perhaps its the same as with the earth and the human…does the earth raise our vibration or do we raise the vibration of the earth (or reader)?

I know I was a bit wordy today guys, but in our crazy world I have found myself in deep contemplation…I do believe we are here to raise the vibration of the planet and if you are thinking about writing a book to assist in that effort I would be delighted to assist you.

As always guys…wishing you peace, love, and light. Happy 2021!

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