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095 - Organizing Your Business Using Kajabi


Wow guys! I’m super excited to have had this little break lately in my business. There truly are gifts in this time.

I’m Nicole Gabriel, by the way, and the host of the Let’s Get Your Book Published podcast.

Over the last week I have been in between clients. It’s often this happens in my business when one client finishes writing a book and goes off to the printer and another has just completed the book cover design but not ready for the interior book layout yet. I get a break to re-group!

For me…THIS is a GLORIOUS time to play catch-up. But, this time in particular has been simply awesome. I adore what I do for a living and every day that I get to do what I do I am blessed beyond words. I have fought really hard throughout my life to find my calling and doing what I do for my career is a large part of stepping into it! Every day I’m truly blessed. I thank my clients and you, my listeners!

As an entrepreneur we sometimes have to fight extra hard to get through tough times…whether those are driven by outside constraints (like all things lock down) or maybe because of personal health or family issues. But, either way, when we can afford to take that down time and jump back up and run it’s even more appreciated that we get to do what we do.

Over the last week I have been able to sit and think through more meaningful ways to bring great content and value to my clients and listeners. It’s something that I have often said I wanted to do but I needed to work through the how and then find the time. I’m sure you can relate if you’re an entrepreneur.

I’ve decided to approach things a bit differently going forward. It’s a simple thing that may or may not have a visible appearance on the outside but wow it’s so going to make everything so much more efficient on the inside of my business. I think these little modifications are great little tips I can pass on to you.

When I began my Let’s Get Your Book Published program I knew I wanted to streamline things and move into the Kajabi backbone for offering my program. If you go to my website it may look like a pretty normal website to you on the surface, but wow have I been really taking the time to learn the power of the backbone of Kajabi as a tool for serving up better content. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’m really a one “man” show here. I don’t like the idea of having a web team because I like to have the intimate control of my content and it’s look and feel. But I also want to be able to write re-purposeful content that can be leveraged in many ways.

You can check them out at by the way. If you are trying to create a platform for seamlessly connecting your authors or clients into an online training program, webinars, or simply looking for a tool to seamlessly market to an email list I encourage you to check them out. I’m not sure if they have an affiliate program, so there is no obvious benefit to me. But, I will tell you that I have developed an affiliate program using their tool that is also pretty cool. If you know someone that wants to write a book I offer a 20% return for my online book publishing program and 10% for all other referrals. There’s a whole back end to manage payouts so there’s very little you have to do once it’s set up. All you need is a PayPal account for your affiliate. You can sign up for affiliate program over on my website…right at the bottom of my homepage by the way.

Leveraging Podcast Content
OK, let’s talk about leveraging content and a way I’ve found a way to do this. I started writing podcasts that identify clearly what a listener can expect to hear (basically identifying how long they have to hang out to get what they need). In recent podcasts, they were written to offer the top 5 things on a particular topic.

But, why is this simple little trick so meaningful?
Breaking topics up will give you little plug and play tools going forward!

I’d really recommend you try this too. You see, these little tools can be leveraged in many ways. I can now plug these into every client conversation. I can put them into online webinars. I can now refer to them as “those 5 things” in every communication. I can also pull them out later as content for any new book I wish to write. These are now little packages of offerings. I think it’s a pretty cool way to write your content so that it’s marketable, leveragable, and re-purposeful in everything you do going forward. I know it seems simple but to me this is an exciting new way to write content going forward. This is also a great way to price and package your offerings. Because, really, this isn’t about selling books! This is about selling your products and services…and the book is simply a tool for creating awareness of the thing (or things) that you do. So use your website to create awareness, use your book to personalize and elaborate upon the experience, and write useful content that later becomes plug and play!

Feature Pages to Highlight Products or Services
OK, so that may or may not be cool to you, but I’ve also learned another pretty awesome little function of the Kajabi toolset—Feature pages to highlight products and services!

I have always wanted to take the time to build a portfolio of my creative work. I was noodling through how I could do this on my Let’s Get Your Book Published website. I had the little dilemma of no longer having access to my code on my Angel Dog Productions page and, at the same time, I was finding that the kajabi environment was so much more enjoyable to work in that I just really didn’t want to re-work that website. So, at some point I may hire someone to re-work that website, but at the moment I prefer keeping everything in one place on the Lets Get Your Book Published pages.

If you’ve ever worked in the Kajabi environment you know about feature pages. I recently created a monster page with book cover images set as the featured item on the page. There are so many of them and I’m adding them often. So, building a static page and hiring a web designer to upload them each time just didn’t make sense. Now I can add them on the fly.  

I’m also able to rename the feature so that it’s far easier to identify each element on the page. I can now move and shift all the book cover images and organize them at a whim. When I get a new book cover I can add it to the page then drag it around and place it in alphabetical order. This is super perfect for the OCD-minded like me. I love to keep things organized and it’s a great way to display my work. And frankly, I’ve been doing this for so many years and I’ve never actually had the time to stop and take inventory on the number of book covers I’ve actually even designed.

The only bummer about these little changes is trying to find ways to show you what they look like on a podcast. Even on video it’s hard to showcase the detail. This is really why I gear my podcasts on more of the business elements than the creative ones. But, I can show you now what my wonderful portfolio looks like. You can go over to my website and find the link on the design page…under item #1 - just click on “portfolio”. I’ll also put the link over on my blog so you can more easily find it there.

The trick being a book designer is finding ways to showcase my creative work in an audible format here. Although, I do highly recommend using these feature pages in kajabi for anything you want to showcase. I think the possibilities are really endless here. With each client I could make the image clickable and you can go to their page or any other special feature they might like to offer. For those clients you have affiliate relationships with the possibilities here are endless. This would be great if you wanted to expand a case study or highlight additional work you did for each client. In my case, I often do additional creative marketing pieces for my clients so I could most definitely blow this out here as well. Go over and take a look at what I’ve built and find a way to utilize this for your business as well. I have no particular affiliation with Kajabi and I profit in no way, but if I can learn and share any tidbit that makes your life easier I’m happy to share. Of course, I’m also pretty proud of my portfolio so I get to brag a little bit too! Again, the link will be in my blog.

Client Experiences
The other pretty cool pages I added recently to the Let’s Get Your Book Published website are the client experiences. You can find the “Client Experiences” button over on the about page. Click on that and you can find a list of clients and the book they have written. I have this listed as “Authors We’ve Partnered With” and underneath the list you will find a few testimonials. I will be building this out but have links over to a few client’s websites to start.

So these are just a few new additions to the Let’s Get Your Book Published website I wanted to share with you. I do offer creative work and coaching to support you should you choose to move into this environment. I offer my coaching services for an hourly fee if you feel like this is something that would benefit your business.

I don’t often talk about it, but I do also work as an intuitive business coach for your business or just to have an accountability partner to help better focus or align you with your personal and professional goals. I have an ability to intuitively see into aspects of your business that you may have overlooked. In these strange times maybe you just need a break or a friend to help keep you on target. Those endless days home alone can be a bit daunting I know!

With all that being said, I love that I get to do what I do every day and I’d love to help guide or assist you wherever you’re stuck on your book project, your business, or personal life. It’s my goal to establish and encourage business and personal friendships and partnerships and help you identify where you can better align and provide meaningful value to all that you serve.

As always…wishing you peace, love, and light!

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