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110 - Are You Asking for the Up Sale When You Write Your Book?


Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! I’m the host of the Let’s Get Your Book Published podcast. I’m also the author multiple books, a Book Designer, and a Publishing Coach as well as an intuitive Business Coach.

I’ve been in the book business for awhile now and I’ve helped many clients get their book published over the years. On this podcast I share personal stories, client stories, and the truths about the publishing industry….


I hope you are doing well! I think like most of you, I’m finding ways to come to peace with the state of the world, as those of us that are awake are aware that this is the great awakening and everything that wasn’t meant to be a part of the new earth is breaking away and truth is being exposed. But, some of us are still caught in the changing narratives and fear. I want to assure you that some 20 years ago I was made very aware of this time and that it is a time talked about in many prophesies. I’m not sure that makes it any easier, but nonetheless, here we are.

One of the things I’m taking note of in these changing times is how many people have broken out to showcase their ability to help you with your book project. I’m guessing the nature of this is because those of us that know the industry know how upside down it is with regard to how many authors are turned away from major publishing houses and everyone is still looking for a way to successfully write and publish their book with guidance from pros.

The topic of todays podcast: Are You Asking for the Up Sale When You Write Your Book? Stop Listening to the Lies!

There are so many ways one can look at what equals success in the publishing industry. In much of the industry speak we hear it’s all about creating a bestseller. But, I’m here to say that the best measure of success is actually measuring success! I mean, really! How many authors go into a book defining how it’s going to be a success for them? How many authors even think to identify their own measurables? Is it really important to you to sell copies? If selling copies is your measure for success then I will tell you to turn off this podcast right now and go somewhere else! I’m not one to advocate sales as a model for your books greatest achievement! In fact, I’m so tired of hearing this!

So many authors think they are a failure because someone never stopped them in the beginning of the publishing process to tell them the realities around bestseller status and numbers of copies sold verses identifying their own measurables. I mean seriously…Are you prepared to sell 4,000 copies out of the gate in your first week? Because really, this is what it takes! For the typical self-published author think more like 300 copies sold in the life of your book!

I’m sitting here right now looking at an ad that was emailed to me that promises a book in as little as a week. It promises you that their simple system is used by everyday people to publish any genre of book to position you as the authority in your space. And, of course, it’s sent to you by someone claiming to be the bestseller of a book you’ve never heard of and promising that you can be too.

There are lots of great ploys out there showcasing a similar message. I do like however how this one appeals to the idea that people are hungry for change and your book can help impact lives…with a transformational message or by helping readers solve a problem. Of course all of this is going to be done with your bestseller status as they claim. We are in a time of turmoil in the world so of course people are hungry for change! This is a great strategy to target the trends of today to draw attention to the idea a person writing a book is a change-maker. Of course they are! They are stepping out with a voice!

OK, we all need a marketing ploy, or a hook for whatever we are selling. I get that. And this is an attention-grabbing email, but let’s be honest here…the reality is that the only right reason to write a book is that it does something for the person investing the time and money to write it! It’s generally pretty obvious that in order to do that you have to appeal to a reader. Your book has to provide some obvious value. Of course you need readers to get your message across, but if you already have a system or a method or a shtick you’re successfully rolling with then a book is only going to enhance that message and of course draw attention to something that is already successful in its one right. Think of it like this…you’re rolling along in your business or life and a book becomes the newest tool in the tool belt to do better something you are already doing successfully.

Pretty much all of these online book publishing programs tell you the same thing - “it’s time to write and publish your bestseller and draw in people from all over the world!” They all tell you that you are important and have a message to share and you can impact lives.

Of course, a book allows you the opportunity to showcase yourself in different ways and it can gain leads and grow revenue for your business. It can create visibility, enhance credibility, and grow revenue. Many of these programs tell you a book will do these things but they will not necessarily help you build out and grow your content to do that. You’ve got to figure that one out on your own no matter what the system is! And the best way to do any of this is to leave behind the goal of becoming a bestseller and focus on the reason you’re writing it in the first place. So…why did you come to the conclusion you should write a book?

I’d say that most people write a book because they have a story to tell from an experience they have been through. Usually these folks have been told countless times “Hey, you should write a book!” …and then finally sit down to do that. They tell an experiential memoire of sorts. Just like in dating…there is somebody for everybody.  Someone (or many someone’s) will be attracted to your story.

You will have readers but then what? You had to get that off your chest, but then how does the book work for you? Perhaps you have been through something but at the same time it has helped you find your calling and you build some kind of functional business out of it. And sometimes it’s just the stories that need to be told and there really is just no way or no reason to make a business out of it. But, your reason why is going to have to be understood before you go into it. Great stories about you may be fun to read, however they will not likely return a revenue for you. So, it might be safe to say that you should plan on your book being an expense. It’s not to say that you couldn’t have a bestseller, but even if you did, then how is your book working for you from that point forward? You’ve got the potential to create awareness, but are you clear on how you capitalize on that? Every bestseller has a short window to produce an additional income for its author. If you wrote your book with the idea that you wanted to draw attention but you had no backbone to make additional revenue then you have to capitalize on the attention in that window quickly. In a prefect world you would have the ability to draw attention that creates a more long-term residual income for you. Perhaps you have a complaint about something causing environmental harm and this becomes the premise for your book. Imagine also having a solution for the stated problems you discuss! You use your book to identify the problem and then showcase another facet of your ecosystem that sells the solution…in this case, perhaps something to clean up the environment.

You can write a book to become an influencer, to build out a business, to tell a story and so much more. If you understand that books open doors than what door are you opening every time you hand someone a book? Perhaps you’ve reached a pinnacle place in your life or business and you are looking to make an impact, leave a legacy, or influence a life. A book will open doors to showcase your skills, attract leads, build a business, and set you apart as an industry leader, but remember, it also all comes down to the backbone behind book.

When you get out of the mindset of writing a book to become a bestseller then you are writing with purpose. I had a client recently that completed her business book but then was about ready to launch it and really didn’t have a marketing plan or agenda for what came next. She was kinda missing the whole point to the exercise of putting the book  together in the first place. She wanted her book just perfect, had gone through every piece of the content with painstaking detail, was preparing to order in bulk, but then wasn’t aligning with her audience or message by falling short on her launch ideas. I think it was both being a novice as a first time author but also not having proper coaching to align her with her why. I just designed her book so I wasn’t her coach. I tried to persuade her from one direction into another. She planned to include a thank you note in her book for those that supported her by buying it. I knew she wanted to get it right so I simply asked her “what do you really want?” And of course, she wrote the book to stand out as an industry expert and ultimately wanted to use the book to grow her audience, expand her network, showcase her credentials, and build her coaching and consulting business. So… I persuaded her in the direction of asking for the sale. I said, here’s the thing…people are going to like what you have to say so tell them how else you can help them. Sure, be nice and thank them, but ask for the sale! Keep the engagement going by making sure they know (with great clarity) how else you can partner with them. Of course, make sure that you put the details in the back pages of the book, but if you’re planning to fill the mailed book with collateral materials then make sure those highlight what else you do. The book sells for just $24.95 but your products or services can be an upsell or residual income for life…or at least worth more than $24.95. And it’s not like this has to be a massive sales-a-thon but c’mon…writing and producing a book is a time-consuming expensive process and for all your effort you really should be getting something else out of it! Let’s just be real - you expect it too!

When you are strategic with how you align your content you aren’t just writing a book and putting it out there with a wait and see attitude. You want to go into it with a plan. In my opinion, the worst reason to write a book is because you want to be on the other end of a bestseller. I can show you how to get an amazon bestseller overnight, but the next day means nothing if your book isn’t working for you. Great, you have a bestseller, now how much did you have to pay to get that accolade? And, even if you did, how are you capitalizing on it?

Make sure that, no matter the topic or genre, you write your book with a plan and that plan should always be to use your book to create awareness of the income-generating thing you do. What do you love? The book should be highlighting your expertise and joy. Of course, outside of the book, optimally, this all should be tied together! Get out there guys and showcase what you are good at, what you love, and where you’ve already identified yourself as a success.

Things are certainly heating up in our world and the greatest way to combat fear is to live in joy! Be a model of success in whatever you do and others will follow your lead! As always, I wish you peace, love, and light on your journey! I’m happy to help you on your book project when you’re ready! Give me a call or text at (808)280-5559. 

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