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Recent Book Launches!

book launches Aug 07, 2020

These Super Stars Have Recently Launched A Book

I want to give a big high five to these super stars that have launched their books recently. It's no small feat to write and publish a book, but here are all the fab new authors that have launched even during a global pandemic...

As we moved into all things covid I began to see such a beneficial time unfolding for authors. A huge opportunity to take a break from the rat race with prescribed downtime meant serious levels of productivity for a few highly motivated new authors. Let me highlight them here...


Jeff Caliguire:

Jeff get the prize as the most achieved with a whopping (3) books launched to seriously kick off his Coaching Transformation Academy program. He had so much content that it was Nicole's recommendation to launch (3) books. This made for (3) distinct core training programs.

Jeff Caliguire is an author, speaker, and transformational coach focused on empowering transformational coaches, leaders and those in career transition. He believes that coaches are today’s new business and spiritual leaders and works to equip a new generation of coaches who turn ordinary people into world changers. Jeff speaks to coaches’ groups, leadership forums, men’s groups, churches, and businesses on the topics of practical self-leadership habits, soul care, and coaching skills for leaders, as well as topics from his other books.

Originally from northern New Jersey, Jeff now lives in Colorado, where he spends as much time as possible hiking, skiing, and adventuring with his wife Mindy, and their “mind-of-his-own” dog, Barney. He attended Cornell University, where he majored in Government, played some football, and met and married his college sweetheart. Jeff and Mindy have three grown sons, Jeff M. Caliguire (married to Kate), Jonathan, and Josh (married to Geertje). All that to say, Jeff is a blessed guy who loves his life and what he gets to do!


Joanne Holbrook:

Joanne launched her book just as covid was closing everything down in the USA and hitting her home in Australia. All this just before she and her husband and kids were packing up to move to Hawaii! Super mom award for sure!

Joanne Holbrook is a mother of two and spouse of a United States Army Officer. She has lived and raised her family in South Africa, England, Germany, Australia, and across the United States. Born in South Africa and living half her life under the controlling Apartheid Government, she began to yearn for a better understanding of cultures outside her world. This experience, combined with the world travels that come with a military lifestyle, allowed Joanne to observe culture and parenting from multiple international perspectives and with a broader worldview. Joanne is an author, professional keynote speaker, parenting advocate, and entrepreneur, who, through her friendships, book, and speaking events, shares parenting stories to help build positive, values-based families around the world.

Dave Wallace:

Not only did Dave launch a book, but he also launched a website and an eBook! What a focused effort to make his dream a reality! 

David J. Wallace is an author, professional keynote speaker, educator, kahu, reiki master, remote viewer, seer, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner, medical intuitive, and psychic intuitive. He is the founder of Ha Ki’i Healing and Medical Intuition Methodology and developer of the Picking Winner$ Method of predicting the future. He offers training workshops in healing, medical intuition, predicting sporting events, and choosing winning roulette and lottery numbers. David was born on the island of Molokai and raised in Ho’olehua. At age five, he experienced the first of four near-death experiences, which led to his developing his many natural and spiritual abilities.

Kellie Cortes:

Kellie meticulously worked her way through every fine detail in her book. She accomplished many heroic feats to bring her book over the finish line. Kellie's book is surely a welcome subject during these trying times! 


Kelli Cortes is an author, professional keynote speaker, personal coach, and trauma survivor. As an expert in the field of trauma recovery, Kelli has helped hundreds of clients throughout her career. Kelli is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Georgia, where she maintains a private practice and works full time as a crisis interventionist

Heather Vines:

Heather and her artistic daughter Paige joyfully launched a colorful children's book. A wonderful sweet energy during these rather intense times...well needed!

Nearly There:

And these super hero's will be right around the corner with their book. I will let you know when they cross the finish line, but they are oh so close! Coming soon:

  • Jason Cutter
  • Sean Sullivan
  • Blue Stiley
  • Mariel Maloney

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