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060 - SPECIAL Episode: Finding Your Inner Truth - Awakening the Collective


Hey Guys Nicole Gabriel here!

Today’s show is my 60th episode and I decided for these little milestones to step outside of my typical podcast material and touch on a topic related to one of the books I’ve written. Today I’m going to step a bit outside of what is written but into the energy behind the making of my first book Finding Your Inner Truth.

So, what some of you don’t know is that I am also a practitioner of shamanism and kundalini yoga. I’ve studied many metaphysical and spiritual practices over many years. This might be the core foundation of the teaching practices I bring into the book writing processes I teach. I’m a healer and intuitive that often times oversteps the functional business practices to introduce human practices of love, compassion and truth.

My background and story are rich and diverse. I see well beyond the norm. I think all of us creative types do. Those that write books channel information from their higher source sometimes without knowing it. We are change-makers naturally.

If you’re are like me, you’ve observed the state of the world these days and the dynamics in your relationships with family, friends, and the general public. We are at a kind of crossroads in our human history. With that being said, I want to talk about the energy behind what I am witnessing on today's show.

In my book Finding Your Inner Truth I ask what is true for you. I think we all have a personal truth based on our experiences. I have found these times in particular to bring forth whatever it is that is our story of personal wounds. It’s as if we are given a mirror in all of our relationships to see and resolve whatever our triggers are. Over the years I’ve been a very clear mirror to those around me. I suppose it’s due to all the hard work I've done to address all of my weaknesses and to understand my strengths.

What I’ve been witness to recently is a lot of judgement. You know, it’s especially hard as a single woman. People judge wherever you are at so differently. People will say things like “you are so independent and strong - you don’t need a man!” Or potential partners will look at wherever you fall short of the human they wish to partner with and you may not be good enough for them, your trying to hard to be different, or you simply just don’t fit in.

In my case, issues might be more complex as I’ve also opened up intuitively and in my expanded awareness I have witnessed angelic beings, spiritual guides, and I have been vegan for some 30 years and understand with great empathy what my body requires to work at it’s peak performance. I go to bed early, take my vitamins, spend time in nature and on the yoga mat. I’ve been told my life isn’t flexible for another. You know it’s just simply practices of self love. If others don’t understand my lifestyle they likely simply don’t practice self love.

I see self love as the critical factor in these days. See, if you don’t have such practices you cannot see through what is being dismantled in our society. Beyond all the racial slurs, the financial monopolies, the political opinions, the virus and it’s vaccine there is another world that first asks - is this love?

I think if an individual doesn’t understand love they can fall into the trap of becoming a victim, playing along with the agenda, digging in and fighting with their neighbor, and living in fear. It is my goal with this platform to enhance my listeners lives by not just educating them on how to write a book, but to use a book to enhance their platform. This isn’t about business, this is about expansion outside of the political, medical, or conformed agenda.

There are a few things happening now that cause us to take sides, but what we are continuing to see no matter what the arguable subject may be is that there is a human condition. This human condition doesn’t care about materialism, politics, or race. There is a division that is greater. Many of my astrology friends have explained we are about to approach a time in our human history that is plagued with more intensity…they talk of November heating up and how we have yet another year of this intensity. The virus agenda will get pushed well into the spring and the election with be nothing but chaos. There may be earth disasters - quakes and floods. And potentially a food shortage as well. Knowing these things may all be very likely possibilities, we can fall victim to the energies by joining the argument or we can begin creating a new world.

In my metaphysical world, listening to other practitioners, and my own inner awareness I am lead to believe the real division is to play along in the chaos or separate and dream a new world into being. There are a few of us that are gifted enough to be able to move between the worlds. Some of us are built to get in and make change happen and return to the quiet of a oneness kind of awareness, whether it be through meditation or some other personal practice allowing one to connect into a greater sense of self.

The “battle” we are facing is simply to participate in the animosity or hostility of what is happening in our world or to find peace.

For me, peace is coming the other side of the judgement. I’m currently in a state of transition on many levels and I’ve been judged harshly for where I stand. In the larger picture, I am aware that wherever I land is where I’m designed to be. I have been in such resistance to where I am and working hard to create something different, but no matter how hard I try I am still where I am. I’ve realized I need to stop fighting against myself and follow the law of least resistance. I need to just be ok with whomever is directing hate or ugliness at me because it is just my mirror that antagonizes them. I am the captain of my own ship and I can only control one thing…myself and my response. I know to love my fellow man. I know people are struggling.

We are being faced with an opportunity right now. This opportunity is allowing us great choice. It can be said that the “veil is thin” right now, meaning that our spiritual light world (heaven or hell to some) is our choice. When the veil is thin it allows us the ability to choose to go home to the light or stay in a level of awareness…a level we can choose. Perhaps you’ve heard of 3D, 4D, and 5D realities these days. I think of these more as levels of awareness and these are ways to describe them. We talk about moving into the Aquarian age. There are many labels. But, as I see it, it’s all about advancing body, mind, and spirit. We are given such great gifts right now to choose how to be right with all these aspects and to heal our soul to prepare for this uncharted time in human history. Some have said that we are seeds planted in an experiment here on earth. Some talk of waves of volunteers and how it was a choice for us to be here now in this unprecedented time. It has been said that before we all came to bear witness to this grand experiment we made the choice to come.

Since the beginning, I’ve seen this time as a great opportunity of growth. But, growth doesn’t come easy. It’s like cleaning out a closet…everything has to come out before it can be neatly organized and put back in. This is a time for great renewal and soul advancement. It’s also a time for those not wanting to do the work, those that have completed their work, and those that are just tired to be able to leave. So, if we are here to usher in this new world, we have a choice on where we stand in our awareness and vibration and how we want to get there. It’s obvious to us all now that we cannot hide.

One of my teachers talked today of the levels of engagement we will need to overcome to step into a new consciousness. In a place of isolation we are brought to do our personal deep work and more or less are forced into befriending or knowing ourselves at such deep levels. We are being challenged to step into fearlessness, befriend our demons, face death, and take a real look at what defines us and the idea we could loose everything. And, as tired as we are we know that now is not the time to quit.

We are being gifted in this time, but not all of us can see it yet. We are being gifted with an opportunity for renewal and into a great awakening. I do believe we have the choice to dive into fear and media chaos or to plunge into and out of the fire and emerge with new wisdom and consciousness.

Are you awake and conscious? Are you aware when you are creating and when you succumb to the fear? For those that are awake in these times, we have to share what is relevant to awaken our fellow man, but push outside of dwelling in the heaviness and with this awareness shift into spreading love, being a guide, and holding each others hand through to the other side. We cannot stand in judgement of others that are behind in awareness. We are in this together!

For those that are awake, I know you are challenged when others are not. Remember, we consciously came here for this time. When you are tired do not give up, but simply take a break and turn to another light worker to ease you back into grace. I know that we are seeing evil exposed, but do not loose heart and hold your faith.

Today’s podcast is meant to unite us creative light workers, to give hope, to let you know that I have struggled too and that I am here with you supporting you to stay strong, step into your power, and remember that writing a book gives you an opportunity to shine your light in a way that cannot be censored, attracts the like minded energy you put forth, and can be quietly and peacefully shared in any underground or grassroots movement to spread your message of love and light. Together let’s raise the vibration of the planet. A book gives you the credibility you need to spread your light.

I’m here and my heart is open to support you wherever you are on your journey.

As always, I’m wishing you peace love, and light…

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