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045 - How I Have Written Multiple Books?

writing process May 19, 2020

Hi Guys! Nicole here! I hope you are well.

I’ve often been asked “where do I begin with my book?”.

Writers have so many very different styles on how they write and it also depends on the genre but one thing I think we will all agree on is that if something is moving you than you have to follow the nudge.

I know that I have a future filled with many books. I have so much more to share. There are many environmental things to consider as well as how one is positioned in life and in their writing space. 

Since I know I will always be a writer I know how much quiet, reflective, and personal time and space I need. Since I am also single this plays a large factor in my choosing of a partner. If I want to write and I never get time and space I’m going to struggle all the way around. 

And here’s a few really interesting things I’ve found…sometimes the author wants a life but observes a life…for example, the phone rings and answering (or just the ringing alone) impedes creativity. You kind of get to a place where all interactions can become a bit challenged if the other person doesn’t understand that what you do is not a job but also a lifestyle. And as the writer you end up moving into a place where you have to evaluate partnerships, friendships, and priorities because books take time. You might even develop the mentality of either you’re going to have to inspire me, join me, or leave me…but don’t give me obstacles to overcome or impede me.

I’m also a very reflective person that needs much isolation and alone time on my yoga mat and in nature. These are the places that feed my soul and give me clarity on purpose. These are the places I reflect and find my words. Animals give me my joy, nature gives me my peace, and my yoga mat brings me to both messy tears and quiet reflection. It is in the balance of these things where I began to find the urge and give myself permission to explore my outer expression. There is a certain kind of safety one needs to find within self to venture out as an author. To expose oneself so vulnerably means that you have found some level of personal peace.

There sometimes isn’t a system of processes that can be followed from an instructional coach to get those words birthed. But sometimes a coach simply becomes an accountability partner or in inspirational leader to simply give you permission and help you forge forward. But, a good coach will not just hold your hand but give you guidance on how to best manipulate your words and experiences into the most favorable outcome. A good coach might also write along side you. I have considered the challenge with my clients that I will write my next book with them and we will see who crosses the finish line first. But, you can’t push motivation, urges, and creativity. It just comes when it comes. Every new experience needs some guidelines to get going though.

When one becomes an experienced writer one may no longer need the permission or assistance…and when those training wheels come off one begins to flourish as an author! When you figure out how to respond to the urge of writing you open up a channel for the content to arrive. When you are baking muffins, sitting on your yoga mat, walking in nature…the urge to knock out thoughts and words overpowers you. There is something that builds and builds until you can no longer remove yourself from your keyboard and the words start to flow. 

I do believe there is an external force that speaks through each writer. We compile our words through our experiences and individual filters and we are fueled by an undeniable force…perhaps the voice of the angels, of god, or perhaps even…the characters or inanimate objects or tools we’ve built to manage our experiences come to life through the animation of creative words.

Personally, I always have my next book churning inside of me. It’s really just a matter of at what point it explodes out of me. I begin with a few large concepts. I begin to pay attention to how to relate concepts to others. Is this something shareable or would others find value? Because I write with my heart of my sleeve and a plentiful assortment of life experiences as my backbone I have no trouble flowing in the content. It’s really always a matter of framing the content in manageable chunks. I write what is flowing right now. I write and keep writing when it comes. I give it a topic or heading and words hit the page as they come. It gets broken into manageable sections of like-minded thoughts. These sections may or may not get added to as new thoughts come. As more like-minded thoughts come they break into larger sections and work into chapters. As it begins to take shape I start thinking about a title to house the contents of my thoughts. It goes in one direction and the title fits but then it goes into another and the if the title fits I keep it. If it doesn’t fit I rework it. As I’m writing I’m thinking about the title and formulating the subtitle. The urges come and the content flows. The sections get moved around are reworked. The more I go the more clarity I get. Then there is a magic point where functional sections become chapters and as each new nudge or idea comes in it gets categorized into each chapter. There is an ebb and flow. At this point the words become an entire movement, idea, experience and concepts become tangible as a whole. This glorious place of creation is now where the line is crossed from pie-eyed ideas to a packaged invention of reality. The manifestation is visible.

Listen to the nudges and allow yourself the permission to let go as you passionately and lovingly give birth to the most divine and personal essence of you…the fragment of the infinite collective brought forth from your presence as the legacy you will leave behind. 

Simply open and allow and before you know it you will have received your manuscript and you’ll be holding your birthed book baby in your hands.

As always, I wish you great success, peace, love, and light.

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