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Let's stop the games and break down the truths about writing a book!

If you've been in the publishing industry for as long as I have, you learn that the creation of a book is a pretty repetitive least the general foundation. But, every author has a unique story to tell and a unique set of challenges.

For many years I wanted to lock in the foundational pieces and find a way to coach those in way that allowed authors to move along in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. I also wanted to make the system I was using smart enough to teach it to my authors that were looking to do something similar for their book and clients. Imagine if you could use the book to create the foundation of your offerings...the pieces that are repetitive...and free up your time for self-improvement, a better lifestyle, etc. Imagine turning your book into an online coaching system, to serve as your sales tool, to spark interest in a new field of study, to begin a movement, or to change lives.

The process doesn't have to be complicated.

After years of study I have determined that going after the lofty title of "best-seller" with your book misses the point and reason as to why you should write one. Let's just be real about this. What is a best-seller really going to do for you? Wouldn't you rather have a functional book? And honestly, lets just say there are 52 weeks in a year and each week in each genre a book is chosen to be a best-seller. You have 52 chances to become a best-seller in your book's genre. This is a bit like winning the lottery. Why not bank on the idea you can do something with your book that changes the world...rather than spinning your wheels trying to get top status.

Let's stop the games and break down the truths and start focusing on what truly matters...the core reason you wrote the book.

The Let's Get Your Book Published program will help you write your book like a business plan so that you are clear on why you are doing it in the first place.

I really look forward to teaching you a new way to produce a book that aligns you with your core values, objectives, and goals! There should be no fear with the production of your book if you are properly aligned.

I'm just here to nudge and guide you into finding your book's purpose and show you how to walk through the steps of producing it. And, by the way...I want to help you finance your book by giving you an incentive or a refund by simply helping others align with their goals by producing their book.

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