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068 - Content Marketing Strategy for a Powerful Book Platform

content marketing strategy Sep 07, 2020

 Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

Did you know that content marketing strategy is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now?

If you’re not familiar with what this is, let’s start there. A content marketing strategy is how a marketer identifies a particular audience (generally one they wish to market to) and delivers targeted content to them. From a technology perspective, in an online environment, there are technologies that manage and deploy website content…(CMS) content management systems. We are not going to talk about the systems here but we are going to talk about how to effectively build out content for your book project…more the content strategy.

The strategy of building content is an ongoing process that pairs business objectives with meaningful, relevant, and valuable content for achieving particular goals…ultimately to drive a profitable customer action with targeted marketing.

Of course, the most wonderful thing about...

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067 - Brainstorming Book Ideas

content passion Sep 01, 2020

Hey Guys!

Let’s talk about brainstorming book ideas…

I think you’ve heard me say this a few times, but I’ll say it again…you have to identify your passions, purpose, and values before you begin writing!

It’s important that your book and your business line up. You’re going to have a hard time sustaining energy about a topic that doesn’t interest you in six months to a year. You have to build your passion into the topics you write about and into every aspect of your business. You will do whatever it takes to push forward a mission or purpose that aligns with your passion and values. This is your inspiration.

Let me start by asking you…what reason do you have to bring into existence the information you are providing to your readers?

Whatever your answer, this all should be coming across in the branding of both your book (or books) and your business platform and social presence. Anyone showing up on your website or peering...

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066 - Choosing a Niche for Your Book

marketing niche Aug 29, 2020

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

So, niche marketing…I’ve never really touched on this topic, but I really find it quite a fun one to talk about!

First, let’s talk about what it is. It’s basically a targeted marketing plan that zeros in on strategically selected and targeted consumers that may have an interest in buying your product or service….or even your book.

Since there is a lot of competition in the book world—considering writing a book is your business—and book categories (and subcategories) are packed with options… you’ll want to stand out against the rest. The best way to do this is with a niche topic. You also want to get very clear on who your audience is.

You have to identify your audience then attract them by appealing to their needs. And, you want to use your book title to capture your niche audience.

Did you ever notice the word AUTHOR is similar to AUTHORITY? What does your book position you to be the...

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065 - I Suck At Writing!

challenges manuscript Aug 25, 2020

So you know you need a book for exposure and credibility, but you think you will never get it done unless either a miracle happens or you find someone to write it for you. Sound familiar?

Well, this is where many people either make the costly mistake of hiring a ghostwriter or just never write their book and plain ole give up because they suck at writing!

Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

I know that sometimes life takes over and all those ideas floating around in your head that you think one day will go into a book are still all busy in there hanging out taking up space dying to get out!

Did I ever tell you that it took me ten years to birth my first book? Finally one day it literally just exploded out on the pages. And, let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! I literally page vomited it out everywhere! It was ugly! The words, the tears, the whole thing…just ugly! But, after ten years it came out in just ten days. But it was a mess! It kinda reminded me of the days when I...

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064 - Ghosting the Ghostwriter

ghostwriting Aug 18, 2020

So you think you don’t have time to write but you’ve just gotta get that book done…and you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter to help bring your book over the finish line.

Hey Guys Nicole Gabriel here!

Over the years I’ve had many authors approach me and tell me they’d love to publish a book  but they are too busy. I recently had a doctor ask me if I had a system and resources so that he could ghostwrite his book because he (and other doctors he knows) are just far too busy. I know, I used to be married to one. I know all about him not having time! I told him that I do have a system and connections, but most people that come to me and want to hire a ghostwriter end up not doing so and well…it’s also very expensive. He looked at me with a rather blank look on his face but never really asked any further questions. So, doc…if you’re listening, this podcast is for you!

Let me start by saying that, first and...

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063 - Converting Your Book Into An Online Program


Quite some time back I knew I wanted to turn my next book into an online training program. Of course, I went to the leader in online training programs to learn how this is done…Amy Porterfield. I went through the class and learned how she recommends structuring the content and began writing my Let’s Get Your Book Published book accordingly.

So, the wonderful thing about writing the book in conjunction with building out the online training is that you begin to get uber clear on the kind of content you want to speak or teach on. And, of course, you never run out of content!

Hey guys, Nicole Gabriel here!

Let's talk about what it takes to turn your book into your online training program. And honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to create this podcast! After all, this is what runs in the back end of all of my communication—website, podcasts, and all training material.

First, let me tell you what I have created so you have a better...

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062 - Let’s Talk About eBooks

ebook Aug 08, 2020

So I have been doing a lot of eBooks for clients lately and many clients began this relationship with so many questions. It made since to take some of these questions to a podcast to bring some clarity to the subject. So let’s dive in!

Hey Guys! Nicole Gabriel here! I hope you are well!

OK, first question might be: “why do I need an eBook?”

I generally would first respond “why not?” Next I would say that it provides credibility as a professional author. Furthermore, it provides diversity to how your message can be received and delivered. Your message can instantly become global as it’s not restricted by shipping and pricing issues. And, of course, with all things covid…It’s a safe digital file.

Every new author has a flurry of questions that surround all things eBook…questions around distribution, ISBN number, how and where to upload a file, and in general, they want to know why it’s so hard to do an ebook when it...

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Recent Book Launches!

book launches Aug 07, 2020

These Super Stars Have Recently Launched A Book

I want to give a big high five to these super stars that have launched their books recently. It's no small feat to write and publish a book, but here are all the fab new authors that have launched even during a global pandemic...

As we moved into all things covid I began to see such a beneficial time unfolding for authors. A huge opportunity to take a break from the rat race with prescribed downtime meant serious levels of productivity for a few highly motivated new authors. Let me highlight them here...


Jeff Caliguire:

Jeff get the prize as the most achieved with a whopping (3) books launched to seriously kick off his Coaching Transformation Academy program. He had so much content that it was Nicole's recommendation to launch (3) books. This made for (3) distinct core training programs.

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061 - Home School Your Kids Into Becoming An Author!

homeschool Aug 06, 2020

Hey guys! Nicole Gabriel here!

As September approaches, did you know that one of the most trending topics online is that of home schooling? I feel for you parents that are now taking on this giant new role! But, wow! What an opportunity you have for making healthier and happier kids! 

Over the years I have had many conversations with many parents about how beneficial they believe it to be that their home schooled kids take the initiative to write and publish a book to boost their college application process one day. I think it’s a great idea!

One thing home school parents are well aware of is the repetitive nature of the public school system…churning out the same kid one after another. Home school parents are conscious of the critical topics that are never taught…how to change a tire, pay a bill, balance a checkbook,  spirituality, gardening, cooking, or overall teachings on simply how to be a better human. 

Teaching a child how to compose...

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060 - SPECIAL Episode: Finding Your Inner Truth - Awakening the Collective


Hey Guys Nicole Gabriel here!

Today’s show is my 60th episode and I decided for these little milestones to step outside of my typical podcast material and touch on a topic related to one of the books I’ve written. Today I’m going to step a bit outside of what is written but into the energy behind the making of my first book Finding Your Inner Truth.

So, what some of you don’t know is that I am also a practitioner of shamanism and kundalini yoga. I’ve studied many metaphysical and spiritual practices over many years. This might be the core foundation of the teaching practices I bring into the book writing processes I teach. I’m a healer and intuitive that often times oversteps the functional business practices to introduce human practices of love, compassion and truth.

My background and story are rich and diverse. I see well beyond the norm. I think all of us creative types do. Those that write books channel information from their higher...

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