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029 - Gifts of the Coronavirus?

corona virus Mar 16, 2020

Strange perhaps to think something so devastating could prove to be positive, right?

If you are forced to stay home, unable to go out, and get pulled out of a daily routine you’re going to have to look at some things you might not have looked at in awhile…those little spider webs in your closets so to speak. 

You might have to find something new eat, care for your kids, spend time with a partner, workout at home or walk outside, stop hiding from your neighbor, clean your house, or otherwise reinvent yourself in some way in order to cope with what’s happening in the world and it’s effects on your life.

The gift of quiet reflection. So much can be gained personally, professionally, and spiritually when we have down time to re-focus!

Have you put off learning something new? Growing your business? Taking a class? Learning about a new diet or even fasting? Have you always wanted to build something or learn to knit? Or what about writing a book? ...

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028 - Remaining Steadfast & Persistent

limiting beliefs Mar 13, 2020

Hi Guys! Perhaps a more somber show today…I guess I’m supposed to be entertaining you, giving you some flashy content and fun noises and chatter to uplift and motivate you… but I’m always one to share where I’m at…in my truth. So here it goes…

In my many years as a kundalini yoga practitioner and teacher we are made aware that commitment builds character. When you begin to bring the diligence of the practice into your daily life and you crawl out of bed every morning before sunrise and sit on your mat you wonder why you’re leaving that cozy warm bed and if you’ve lost your mind. 

I’ve been getting up before sunrise for many years and I’ve worked my way through tremendous challenges just to be present for myself on that mat. There is nothing worse than having health or life challenges and still getting there and showing up. Blowing your nose with a cold, a belly ache, a broken heart, a sore...

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027 - Conquering Limiting Beliefs & Disbelievers

limiting beliefs Mar 11, 2020

I don’t know about you but, I’m currently in a season riddled with dis-believers! Everyone around seems to have an opinion about something I’m doing in my life. I’m not whatever it is everyone needs me to be in every direction. After many years of criticism I’ve come out the other side with a stronger, healthier opinion of myself. I’ve decided to take the criticism as a compliment! 

The way I see it is I’m viewed as capable of much more than I realize. To everyone else I’m the one that should step up, stand out, and do that thing everyone else is missing in their life! I’ve finally figured out that what others project on me has really nothing to do with me! Perhaps you’ve heard the quote:

“What you think of me is none of my business"

Hi I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to todays show about conquering limiting beliefs and the disbeliever!

I’ve learned to turn my anger and disappointments around...

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026 - Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

limiting beliefs Mar 10, 2020

I got talking with a client the other day—she approached me to help her layout and design her book. As I talked to her she was telling me about all the psychic mediums that told her she was supposed to be writing a book and she would be a bestseller. She told me that she knew she was supposed to be on stage speaking. It was as if she was me speaking 10 years ago. I sat in yoga classes and in meditation for years hearing much the same.

I put so much pressure on myself to achieve the lofty goal of writing a book—with the idea that it was my fate and aligned with the stars for some great purpose—so much pressure that almost didn’t write!

Hi Guys! Nicole Gabriel here. Welcome to todays show.

I have since learned that there are so many ways we are shown what the right path is and when we build up so much hoopla and energy to make a book a reality it becomes far more challenging than it really needs to be. 

When it really comes right down to it a book...

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025 - How to Best Work with A Book Designer

book design book layout Mar 08, 2020

Hi Guys! A rainy dark almost spring-like day here in Utah! I saw flowers blooming out on the trail hike yesterday! How exciting it’s almost spring! Happy daylight savings day! 

On today’s episode we’re gonna talk about how to best work with a book designer.

There are multiple levels to the book design process. There are many moving parts from the time the manuscript leaves the editor to the time you hold the book in your hands. The book’s cover is the first time you see your book come to life. A professional book designer will always do far more than just a book cover!

As a book designer for the last decade myself, I am often approached with people telling me all about the artistic components of the book they envision creating. But, honestly, I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t re-focus my authors on what they are trying to achieve rather than how they want it to look. A proper designer is looking at all the pieces to the...

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024 - Donโ€™t Hold Out for an Agent or Publisher!


Do you have an idea for a book? Have you told yourself that one day when you have time you’ll start looking into the steps of writing it? Are you thinking about a legacy book, a memoire, a children’s book, a spiritual or experiential or self-help book? Whatever the genre of the book is you are looking to write, there is someone out there looking to make a profit on your efforts! 

Getting a lucrative deal with an agent or publishing house is well… kinda just like how you heard about your mom’s cousin’s son’s girlfriend’s daughter that won the lottery…you can find a publisher to partner with…but yeah…like winning the lottery—not everyone gets the winning ticket!

It used to be that books were only written by the highly educated or the wealthy, but since over a million of them are rolling off the presses each year these days there are far more authors writing books than there are publishers offering big...

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023 - Overcoming obstacles and stepping into your own as an author

overcoming obstacles Mar 01, 2020

I’ve been helping new authors to self publish their books for the last decade. Over this time I’ve watched many books go into production. And one of the largest themes authors write about across the board is the journey of self-discovery. After all, it’s human nature to discuss what we’ve overcome. We have an inherent need to share our pains and struggles. Perhaps we are looking for approval, perhaps it’s necessary for the human spirit to heal, maybe it’s to find those like-minded wounded or healed souls to gain a compassionate ear, or maybe we have now learned something we wish to share to help others?

Everyone’s motivation is just slightly different and the outcomes are as unique as the stories told. We are all learning and growing in our human experience and writing gives us the opportunity to share the obstacles we’ve overcome.

One of the greatest challenges a writer faces is getting up the courage to bleed onto the pages...

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022 - I Am Not Good Enough To Write A Book

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

Do you have something to say but worry what people will think of you when you say it? Have you struggled feeling inferior at some point in your life? Have you even struggled with depression because you have a hard time communicating?

Today show will leave me a bit vulnerable as I share how I overcame the obstacles and became an author of multiple books. Hi I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to today show!

It may be hard to believe that someone who has written multiple books and has her own podcast ever struggled with finding her voice. The reality is that my entire life I have struggled to communicate with others and share the gifts that I have been given. I have been given so many gifts and I have struggled so much to find my voice and come into my own.

As a child I was pulled out of classes and targeted as someone with learning disabilities. I was embarrassed each time there was a knock on the door and I was pulled out of the classroom for testing. It would seem to...

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021 - Using Your Book As A Public Speaker

public speaking Feb 25, 2020

Has someone told you that a book will help you get on stage to speak? Have you spoken on stage and wished you had additional credentials? Have you been asked to do break out sessions at a corporate event and lacked solid or professional material? 

Hi, I’m Nicole Gabriel and welcome to todays show!

Let’s talk about how to best write a book for the top paid speaking gigs.

A good majority of my clients are involved in some kind of speaking, whether that be TedX, corporate, or ministry. Generally it’s been the top large corporations that pay top dollar to speakers to entertain and motivate their employees. It’s been typical that motivational speakers have been brought in to boost morale, as a reward for hard work done, to create togetherness and build teams, to discuss or enhance awareness of sensitive topics. 

Generally speaking, a speaker becomes a motivator. The best results tend to be humor. So imagine taking the obstacles you’ve...

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20 - Defining Your Ideal Customer and Your Value Proposition


It’s a beautiful blue bird kind of day here in Utah. I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful day wherever you are tuning in from. 

Speaking of locations…most of our listeners are from the USA , but we also have a bit of a following over in Australia and in Europe…saying hello to you all! Thank you for joining us!

No matter where you’re tuning in from, the value we provide to our listeners or readers is really what matters the most in the end. Why you want to communicate with others is always a personal choice, but when you communicate to offer value is when you will begin to find the largest audience. 

Many authors forget the idea of talking to their audience and write their book from the me, me, me perspective and forget that they aren’t really what matters here. People tune in to learn from you so it needs to be you, you, you as you speak to your audience. This should also help you form how you communicate with your audience....

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